About Me

To start, I thought I’d just say that I greatly dislike “about me” sections. It’s just like when you’re at a job interview and a potential employer says, “so…tell me about yourself.” It’s the most ambiguous question ever. Would you like to know my favorite Disney movie of all time? (The Little Mermaid) Or maybe you’d like to know what’s on my recently played playlist on my iPod? (The Beatles, Wilco, Lady Gaga, Feist, and Florence + The Machine). Perhaps I’ll start with my profession since that is one thing I hold dear to me. I am a writer. I get paid to write and correct other people’s mistakes…a dream job for me :p. I also do some freelance work on the side for some extra $$$ in hopes that I will one day be rid of my student debt. But hey, who am I kidding? By the time I’m finished paying off my loans, I’m sure my yet-to-be-born children will be starting college themselves.There's always hope that I can successfully pull off faking my own death by starting a new life with my hubs in France (one can dream..)

Aside from my career, I have a fam that is pretty much amazing. My older sister is pretty hardcore awesome. My other rock is my fiancee. We’ve been together ever since those wretched high school days and he’s put up with my antics ever since. My friends rock my socks off as well because…well…people who don’t simply aren’t my friends. The following are two lists that are randomly put together by me that sum me up pretty well.

Things that annoy the #$%$ out of me

1. People who chew with their mouth open
2. People who push their religion onto others (can't we all just agree to disagree?)
3. People who count calories
4. Spiders
5. People who wear short skirts with UGG boots
6. Justin Bieber hair
7. Pageant moms
8. Guilt trips
9. People who ignore road signs
10. Bad endings


1. My fiancee who puts up with SO much (my shopping addiction, mood swings etc.)
2. My fam and friends
3. Apollo and Luigi (yes, I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it)
4. Disney movies and awful reality TV shows
5. Starbucks lattes
6. Pandas
7. Boots
8. Summer rainstorms
9. A good read
10. A good sale at Nordstrom