Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In A Music Frenzy

I don't know about anyone else but I'm one eclectic lady when it comes to my music. If iTunes were to classify me into a genre I'd have my own labeled schizophrenic.  I simply don't adhere to a singular genre and tend to dabble in many. The only one I just can't get into that much is country unless it errs  on the pop-like side. Lately I've had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands in action for the first time, Muse. They are AMAZING live, however I did not peg the audience to be full of drugheads and assholes who wanted to start a mosh a MUSE it for Ozzfest morons. Dead Sara opened for them and the lead singer definitely kicked ass. However...she needs to invest in some support for the girls. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was jumping from the various amps onto the stage as they flailed everywhere. Wardrobe malfunctions aside, I for one really appreciate a female lead that can rock the stage like she does.

I was somewhat surprised that they would open for a band like Muse but it was the best of both worlds for my friend Cortney and me. She was there for Dead Sara and I was primarily there for Muse. I landed GA tickets on the floor for us and were able to squeeze our way to the front throughout the show. I just so happened to be next to this other guy who seemed to be in his own little world dancing. It was hilarious and he was clearly not sober in any regard. They covered my favorite songs including "Madness" and "Supremacy" so I was beyond excited minus United Center's charge for one drink.

Matthew Bellamy has quite an amazing voice and I always appreciate a live performance that proves it. I'm sure this fact had something to do with him fathering Kate Hudson's child.

 Other shows I have lined up to see in the near future are Bob Seger (Josh's birthday present), Fall Out Boy, Train with special guest The Script ANNNND Justin Timberlake. Now do we understand when I say schizo? I've got Pink Floyd and Pink on the same playlist. When I run out of room on my iPod, I pretty much have a mental breakdown with the elimination process. What if I want to listen to a particular album one day only to find that I deleted it later? I need 100% access to my music at all times...this is why I have decided to go all the way with Spotify and go premium. If you have never heard of Spotify by now...stay calm and indulge yourself with it NOW. It's free for general use but the premium costs $10 per month for unrestricted access to pretty much any artist/album you can think of (however they have yet to obtain the rights to some artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd etc.) It blows Pandora out of the water in my opinion since you can make your own playlists with particular artists and you're not restricted to a certain amount of hours played per month for free access. Some artists I've been addicted to listening to as of late are Lana Del Rey, ZZ Ward, Imagine Dragons and Emeli Sandé. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to rock out and go for a run.

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