Monday, March 24, 2014

Showered with Love

On Saturday, my future mother-in-law threw me an amazing bridal shower! I'm seriously so blessed to be marrying into such a loving and caring family. After getting some work done in the morning, I got my hair done and slipped into my dress and glittery rose gold flats that I'm totally in love with.

The shower was Paris-themed (my favorite place ever) and I was obsessing over everything that she made down to the Eiffel Tower cookies! Oh and that's a cupcake cake next to the cupcake display. Say whhaattt??? Amazing.

The cupcakes were infused with strawberries and they were absolutely delicious and flippin' adorable. 

And did I mention that she also made a specialty drink?? Josh and coined it "Wodka" since it was a mix of pink moscato and vodka. Holy crap, it's amazing and exactly right up this bride's alley. The boys stayed downstairs in the basement for the most part and Josh made an appearance a couple of times. I obviously just loved the wodka a little too much. Who needs a glass?

This bridal shower was for Josh's side of the family and it was great spending so much time with all of the ladies and totally indulging in my favorite veggie pizza that Josh's mom makes. To die for. She is SO very thoughtful.

I'm personally not a fan of playing games, but they organized two that were really fun! One was a quiz about me that each guest had to fill out to see how well they knew the bride. It was a lot of fun and of course my sister won that game. After the winner was announced though, we called Josh up to answer the questions to see how many he got right. It was confirmed that he definitely knows his bride! 

Next, it was time to open the mountain of gifts! I don't know about anyone else, but I always feel uncomfortable opening presents in front of a lot of people. I never want anyone to think that I like another present over what they got me because of my reaction. At this point, I felt a little less anxious though. Thank you, Wodka! Everyone was SO very generous and I never knew I would be so excited over a cocktail mixer and shiny new ice bucket. #Signsyourgettingold. Josh's cousin got us this beautiful personalized frame and coaster set that I'm obsessing over.

Josh and I were beyond spoiled! Well...mainly me since I don't know when he'd use the Kurig (hell to the yes). Josh's mom put together the most adorable honeymoon tote for us and another gift set adorned with Paris things of course. I'm not obsessed...what are you talking about? 

Now for the hilarious part. So to preface what is about to happen, while Josh and I were registering for things, he came across this frog bathset meant for kids. I was like, wait what? That's ridiculous. He fricken loved this thing and he absolutely insisted that we add this frog towel/ bathset to the registry. I fast forward, Josh's mom calls Josh upstairs to help unwrap the last gift....and yep, you guessed it. It was the damn frog bathset. He was elated.

 After we all had a good laugh, it was dessert time! Cathy busted out a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pineapple, preztels etc. HEAVEN. The take home cookies were also adorable! 

I'll say it again, I am SO lucky to have such an amazing mother-in-law. I also only ended up breaking THREE ribbons while unwrapping the gifts. MUAHAHA. Apparently breaking any ribbons represents how many kids you will have. I can deal with three...but that is my fricken MAX. I absolutely can't wait until I get to see my family from Minnesota for my bridal shower part two next weekend! All of my bridesmaids will be there as well. I can't wait! There's nothing better than surrounding oneself with your favorite people.

39 DAYS. To quote Ke$ha...tick tock on the clock!!!

This bridal shower definitely left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. With my bride anxiety taking over a lot lately with the planning, it's time like these that make me feel SO good about the wedding day and ensures me that whatever happens it'll all work out perfectly! One step closer to tying the knot!

Also, the invitations are all sent out! No turning back now!!!



  1. The theme and decorations look so good and I gotta try that wodka!

  2. I'm so jealous of how loving and caring your future in-laws are! You're very lucky to have that. The shower looks amazing - as does your hair! So pretty!

  3. This is so sweet! You are so lucky to have a wonderful mother-in-law! I LOVE spiked punches. MMMMM. That is a killer hair-do! How sweet and romantic! Love the shoes too. The cookies...AH! What a great them! We went to Paris for part of our honeymoon too! If you would like a great photographer while your there, you can check out her work on my site and there is a link to her incredible site. I'm having a baby shower soon and I'm getting more excited about it after your post! I'll have to register for those frog towels. lol

  4. Oh man!! The bath set is hilarious! At least it didn't ACCIDENTALLY land on your registry causes chaos. Somehow, baby onesies ended up on our wedding registry (the skew for the kitchen towels we registered for were wrong). Well, my MIL is less than sane--and FLIPPED THE EFF OUT thinking that was our creative way of saying "Surprise! We're pregnant!"

    Your hair looked so good! It looks like you had a really nice time!!

  5. lol sometimes you can just TELL when the groom picked a registry item just for himself lol

  6. Paris themed shower I love it!! I think it's cute when the guys get involved in the registry with that one thing they want so bad! I had a friend who watched the registry just to see when his item was purchased and disappeared from the list, lol! Those cookies look so awesome and I love what they did with the cupcake cake. I have that mold and will definitely have to remember that when I use it again!

  7. Everything about this shower is amazing! And I'm going to need to know where she got those cupcakes because I definitely need them in my life. Love your dress and so happy everything went well! :)

  8. Looks like you guys had a great day!! Love love that dress! Glad to went with one similar to the one you talked about last time!

  9. I love this Paris themed shower! And I really really want one of those cupcakes!! You look great and so happy. I'm so happy for you!!

  10. Your hair looks AMAZING! I always feel awkward opening gifts in front of people, too... even if it's something you love it's just so weird!

  11. YAY!!!! 1) your hair looks amazing. i don't have the talent to do that shizz.

    the paris-themed shower rocks. i love all of it :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  12. Love what you did with your hair! Your family is from MN? My future hubby's family is from MN and that is where I'll be living! That should be interesting for me, being from Puerto Rico and

    Maria @ The Good Life

  13. Those shoes are amazing! I love the theme!

    Hope xx

  14. Hi! I just found your blog on 20 Somethings and am loving reading all of your wedding posts :) What a fun Paris theme..that's so creative! I think I would also go crazy for that moscato/vodka "wodka"

    1. Great to meet you, girl and thanks!! That wodka I'm telling you...amazing! :D

  15. That Paris theme is adorable, and that drink looks DELICIOUS. Ha ha I love the frog bath set. I have a shower curtain with monkeys on it in my spare bathroom. I bought it in college for my first apartment because I thought it was funny. Now it's just kind of weird.

  16. Girl, you looked so beautiful!! LOVE the hair!! Well done!!

    And opening gifts is SO uncomfortable... oh my word, I could die! You can only get so excited about mixing bowls before people start to wonder if it is fake, ha

    And I'll be needing a blog post for the wodka. please and thank you! ;)

  17. I love how your hair was styled, very cute. Did you do it yourself? And wodka, sounds amazing. I'm with Lisa share the deets on how to make that bad boy.

  18. What an amazing shower and what an amazing mom-in-law to be you have! You looked great!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  19. That sounds like such an amazing bridal shower!! I love your dress and shoes, and the story about the frog bathset is just too funny!