Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Please?'s happened. I went for my first run without ANY cold gear! Queue the cheers, the hoorays, the happy dances!! I literally made sure Pharrell's "Happy" was played several times throughout my run. My pace was surprisingly quite good despite the hang-ups I've had due to the ice and snow. People got so excited, some runners around my neighborhood were even wearing shorts! I'm not that crazy...snow was still on the ground and it wasn't THAT warm out. But really, if Old Man Winter doesn't go away soon, I'm going to kick him in the balls.

Who knew I would ever be so happy to see brown, gross grass?! I would much rather be dodging puddles than ice patches. Oh wait, joke's on me. There is a snow storm going on as you read this. It was nice while it lasted. One whole day....come on Mother Nature! Get off your rag already!!! Look at Luigi, he's not even an outdoor kitty and he's just so done with this weather too. That blank stare out into nothingness. He's speechless.

I at least was able to get some groceries before the snow hit. If I'm lazy and don't make soup myself, Pacific Foods has the BEST soup with limited sodium. My favorite these days is spicy black bean and kale. It's absolutely delicious and 125 cals per serving.

I'm not one to count calories, but with the FDA reconsidering food labels to accurately portray how many calories someone would really eat in one sitting, I would like to add a suggestion. Instead of saying one cookie: 200 calories, say one cookie: run a couple of miles or BURPEES. Would you honestly eat a bag of chips if it meant having to do 100 burpees? Okay, I get would depend on what kind. But still, it makes you think more. Like, I really willing to suffer that much for a Starbucks frappuccino? Those bad boys could pack as many as 700+ cals! I sometimes tell myself, "girl, you have your dress fitting next week. Are you willing to run half a marathon to reverse the effect that's going to have on your ass? No? That's what I thought." So I go home and prep kale/spinach salads with grilled chicken. I must say, they're delicious and easy to prep.

In other news, my bluetooth keyboard for my iPad also came in from Groupon Goods on Monday and I'm in love! NO regrets! Shipping was quite fast too! I highly suggest Groupon Goods to anyone who is looking to save some extra $$$ and you're not sacrificing the quality of the product! It certainly comes in handy when I have to visit all of my vendors and jot down notes. (I hate pecking on the screen keyboard).

Oh and just FYI to all of you book addicts out there, I'll be hosting a giveaway tomorrow for Laura McHugh's first thriller novel, The Weight of Blood. I seriously could NOT put it down. Read all about it tomorrow!! I'm so happy to say that I'm slowly getting through my HUGE stack of books that are on my must-read list. Despite the schizo weather, I'm quite happy with how things are going with my fitness routine AND being able to balance out my crazy life so I can still have my "me" time.

Also, it's Blog Hop Wednesday with Fitness Blondie! Go link up with her here and her co-host Kerry at Till Then, Smile Often! Love them both!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

How's everyone else doing with their goals/aspirations/fitness etc???


  1. Thats a good idea bout thinking of calories in a sense of how much work you would have to do to burn it off. And have you seen the "happy" music video?? So cute!

  2. I'll have to remember that soup since sometimes i get too lazy to throw things in a pot myself, lol! Congrats on the warm enough weather!

  3. I am all for switching the calories to "X" amount of exercise needed. How less tempted I'd be for a brownie. I'm definitely checking back for your book review. I need new, good books to add to my list.

  4. Ugh, we had beautiful spring like weather yesterday and, just like you, a snowstorm today! Not cool, Nature. But, omg, your kitty! SO CUTE! Look at the little paws... I'm clearly a sucker for animals!

    Ha. I think if it said instead of 200 calories run for x miles or do x amount of situps, etc. more people would be health conscious!

  5. Oh my gosh we have twin cats! Except mine lives with my parents now, but she's still mine! So precious! And YAY for warmer weather and "Happy"! Cue my happy dance!

  6. I'm so happy about the weather getting nicer too. I'm trying to make the most of every opportunity to get outside before it gets super hot! And your cat is really cute. It's obvious he's over the Winter too. ;)

  7. Oh I like that keyboard! Is the offer still running with Groupon? I totally agree girl I always tell people to stop drinking their calories and Starbucks is the worst offender!

  8. That soup sounds delicious! I had a pretty good one the other day... quinoa, potato and spinach! YUM!