Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites: Summer Essentials!

Dare I even say it? Summer is almost over so let's recap my summer essentials! Because everyone has them. Right? Linking up with Amanda today of course since these essentials are also my favorites. Lez go!!!

I have a usual collection of things that I MUST HAVE with me every single time I go to the lake and this year is no different with the exception of a couple of new things.

Summer Essentials

I really can't leave for the lake without these things. I've been favoring Victoria's Secret's bikinis (although the one in the collage isn't, but it's similar to the one in my photo). My ancient iPod Touch is also a must because uhhh you can't have a day out on the lake without tunes. Duh. That thing goes everywhere with me and it's erring on the side of a fossil when it comes to Apple products. I haven't been allowed to add new apps for years because of how old it is. Zero effs given. I'll be the saddest person on Earth when I can't use it anymore...but let's not talk about that.

A hilarious, light read is also an essential. I.e. any of Chelsea Handler's books. I also recently downloaded Confessions of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella yesterday for only $1.99 on my iPad! What, what!! I've always wanted been tempted to read this series because uh...duh #2 the title alone defines me. Done.

I also need some kind of primo sunblock because I kind of DON'T want to get skin cancer and look like an old, wrinkly nut sack by the time I'm in my mid-thirties. My fam also has a history of skin cancer and this girl right here has fair skin soooo I'd rather avoid looking like a lobster as well.

My Sperrys DEFINITELY made it to the list this year. These babies were my first pair and I'm loving them (even though I ordered a half-size too small) I literally dropped my effing iced latte all over them and my shoes were FINE after they dried less than an hour later. What the hellio??? Clearly these shoes were made for me.

These are my FAVORITE reflective aviators too and excuse me how much were they at H&M? A mere $4? Hell to the yes, sista.

And lastly, I obviously need my fav messenger bag that I got at ALDO to fit all of my other crap in. It's big enough to hold all of my essentials plus a Summer Shandy or two....or three or four. Done and done. I can't wait to get some more wears out of my collection of bikinis and other beach essentials too before it gets too cold! This summer has been unseasonably cooler overall and I can't flippin' believe it's August!!

Hopefully I'll be able to make it up to my fam's lakehouse this weekend, get a couple of trail runs in there to continue my training and add a lot more strength training into my routine. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my kettlebells. I'm thinking of stepping it up a little bit and getting heavier ones. Because...#beastmode. :D Happy Friday everyone!!!

What are your summer essentials?!


  1. 1) yes to heavier KBs. even if you can't lift as much, work up to it and switch back and forth.

    2) what about bugspray? not sure about you, but the bugs are FIERCE this year as in they give no fucks about bug spray and will eat you alive. even through layers of clothing so i sprayed the shit out of myself during my last trail run i think i poisoned myself.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I read her book a while a go and could not put it down - loved it!!! I think you nailed it with all the summer essentials - including something fruity to drink!!

  3. I love your picks! I bought a pair of Sperry shoes back in the early spring on clearance that has a little bit of leopard print on them! I sort of forgot because all I have been wearing is flip flops but I need to ship those babies out!

    Loved confessions of a shopaholic!

  4. That bag is awesome! I love all of Chelsea's books. She's hilarious.

  5. How are the sizing on the sperry's? I've wanted leopard ones for a while, but can't find the ones I want in the stores by me and I can't seem to find a size that fits right. One of my feet is almost a whole size bigger than the other, so I actually have this problem often.

  6. I really want to read that book, Chelsea is hilarious. Music and sunglasses are a total must for me.

  7. I just love that you found a way to use "old wrinkly nut sack" in your post. We are kindred spirits you and I:)

  8. I want to read that book (chelsea's) I need to get it!
    Hahaha imagine what pervs 'old wrinkly nut sack" will bring to your blog ;)

  9. I love Sperry's, I used to hate them, but man they're so comfy!! You need a bag that fits the shandy's!

  10. Great summer pics! Have an awesome weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. Ummm... yes, I vote for NOT looking like an old wrinkly nut sack! Definitely gotta have sound and sunblock. Must. Have. Cute suit and everything else too.

    The Chelsea book totally caught my eye too. That funny little bitch!

  12. LOVE the messenger bag! The navy stripes and tassels are great!

  13. that bag is gorgeous! so pretty.

  14. I really want to get a pair of aviator sunglasses! That is on my wishlist!

  15. I've read three Chelsea Handler books and thought they were all pretty hysterical, especially My Horizontal Life. I love my Sperry's, too! They are so comfy and seem pretty durable!