Monday, August 25, 2014

Line Dancing & Vodka

So Friday was tons of fun. Why? Because for the majority of the day, our network was down and our IT team didn't have any answers. Like none. And might I add the main IT dude around the place is the most condescending ass-clown. His initial solution to this outage and not being connected to any of the drives was to repeatedly restart our computers. Seriously? Good thing I brought my iPad so I could read my smut classy romance novel at work. Thank you Maya Banks for saving the day. Oh and the fact that my coworker and I decided to bail and leave for lunch early and indulge in the best sangria we've ever had.

Saturday morning was greeted with the Colorblast 5k with my best running buddy. We definitely weren't aiming for a new PR for this race since we were determined to get as much color on us as possible in the color zones.

The ride home is always entertaining since people driving by have this "wtf" face. By the time I got home, I also decided to make my donation to the ALS foundation and do the ice bucket challenge. And thanks to the hubs for the primo editing job. Good lord. Some people are ragging on it, but all I have to say is shut up, it's for a good cause and has raised millions for the organization.

I think the hubs enjoyed doing that a little too much...but ANYWAY, this is the aftermath of the colorblasting and after being doused with ice water. So hot....

Once I looked like a normal human being again, Josh and I headed over to his uncle's surprise 40th birthday party. His aunt's sister made this boob cake..I can't even.

 THEN we pre-gamed before we boarded the party bus to a bar....called the Saddle Up Saloon. I was feeling quite happy well before we headed out to the bar since it's the only way I can handle the questions, "when are you having kids and have you found a place yet?" The second we walked into the bar though - the seventh circle of hell -  I knew I had to consume WAY too much vodka to put up with the line dancing going on in the center of the dance floor (yes you heard me right) and the Jason Aldean hits blaring from the speakers. Shoot me. Sorry folks, I don't do country. I absolutely can't. Give me some Katy Perry or some clubby dance hits to listen to please. I can't white girl dance to Leann Rimes. Sorry. I thought I somehow teleported from Chicago to down South. I didn't know places like this existed around these parts. It wasn't until I consumed enough alcohol until I then decided to participate in the line dancing. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I'm sure I pissed off some cowgirls out there as I threw off their groove.

Luckily they eventually started playing my jams where I rocked out to Iggy Azalea and Beyonce all night long. They even played the Spice Girls. NOW they understand me. I haven't danced that hard since my bachelorette party, it was fantastic. Thank the good lord I opted out of heels. However I was an outcast for not wearing cowboy boots. Yep. Completely sober here...

Sunday was spent hydrating and stretching out my bod that was a tight mess after all of that dancing. Lordy I'm old...I'm pretty positive that level of dancing countered all of those empty vodka cals I consumed. #doingitright.

Is there any kind of music that just makes your ears bleed or somewhere you went where you just wanted to run out of the door screaming??


  1. Kudos to you for doing the IceBucketChallenge, I did mine last weekend and made a donation. I also got to dump some water on my parents this weekend :) I think its a GREAT cause. And yours was very colorful! Ha!
    Although..I think I would LOVE to go to that bar...I love me some country! :)

  2. Yay - I did the ice bucket challenge on Friday night :-)

    I like country music enough and I don't mindddd country bars but they're not my favourite. I cannot dance to country music, just no haha.

  3. Dancing at country bars is my favorite! I love the post-color run photos. I really don't get why people are hating on the Ice Bucket Challenge. I did mine on Friday.

  4. I have to laugh at the IT situation. I have been on both sides of it. I used to get so pissed with the IT department at my last job. They were AWFUL! But my husband is an IT director, so I see it from the other side of things. Though....I am pretty sure his solution was never to restart the computer over and over again! Just wow!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I am always down for Spice Girls!

  5. i'm with you on the country music hate. my absolute favorite radio station changed to an all-country format a few months ago and i'm still not over it. if i have to listen to country i like the old stuff, johnny cash and what have you. new pop-country is just...i can't.

  6. color runs are the best.. and country music isn't so bad.. but to dance to? probably not. sing-a-longs? sure.

  7. This weekend sounds fun!! I love country music, but have yet to go line dancing. That cake is quite creative!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Bahahahah... that boob cake is awesome!
    I love me some country... SHAME ON YOU!

  9. Yeah on the color run! The slow motion replay is hilarious! I am not gonna lie I just recently started liking country but if it is a night out dancing it's gotta be R&B, or Top 40.

  10. great post! sounds like so much fun!

  11. I think we have the same IT dept! And after the Colorblast sounds like the perfect time to do the ice bucket challenge! I can't deal with twangy country or hardcore rap... no thank you. How was the boob cake?