Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Confessions: I'm In A Glass Case of Emotions

So I like these confessions to be hilarious and embarrassing to some degree, but let's just recognize the elephant in the room and understand that I've been ridiculously emotional due to Robin Williams passing away. Am I alone on this? I feel like I had to say goodbye to a VERY important part of my childhood and I just can't deal with the constant clips, the quotes, the photos...Robin Williams was an actor that could always make you laugh and while we were all too busy laughing...a lot of people weren't noticing that he wasn't. I sure do hope he finds peace on the other side. Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society and Aladdin...are all staples to my movie collection and now I'll be sobbing over them eating salted caramel gelato. It just isn't fair. You'll be missed, Robin Williams.

Now let's link up with Fitness Blondie over at the Hump Day Blog Hop and Kathy for some confessions because this girl is off of her mini blogging hiatus.

I confess that I HATE leaving concerts early. I don't care if it means sitting in traffic for 30 minutes to escape the madness, but I didn't spend money to see half of a show. Also if you obstruct my view by holding up your phone throughout the whole performance, I will obstruct your whole face.

 I confess that I have come to love chick lit. I read Confessions of a Shopaholic in a week and nothing beats a light, hilarious read. I need more, give me more. And series that come in bundle deals? Omg bookgasming. I have three different libraries going on my iPad with iBooks, the Kindle app and Barnes & Noble's Nook app to scrounge for the best book deals.

I confess that even retailers are now sending me hints that I should be having kids now. When I excitedly opened up my package from what I THOUGHT was my Fabletics order...NOPE. WRONG. It was from their sister company JustKids...apparently the two companies share the same warehouse and I got some 5 year-old's pink sequin boots and socks. Yes world, I'm 26 and my ovaries are dying before us all apparently. I'm constantly reminded that my biological clock is about to blow.


I confess that I judge a website by its cover. If it looks like something from 1996 with graphics made from MS Paint. Get the hell outta here.

I confess that I'm planning on just shoving everything I own into boxes and generically labeling things when we move because I have zero patience and I hate packing. Oh and I have too much shit.

I confess that I was checking my personal email at work and my boss just-so-happened to walk by and see the subject line "11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy" thanks for weeding that spam out Gmail. Grade A job right there. Also, note to self...unsubscribe from Women's Health mag's newsletters...

I confess that when I watch TV it's pure trash. least 85% of the time. Honey Boo Boo, Teen Mom, My Weight Is Killing Me, My Strange Addiction...yes.

Thursday night the hubs and I are going to our first football game together (insert awes here). I'm really flippin' excited because baseball...yawn. Over it. Even though it's pre-season, the Bears got a lot of new players so we need to see what they can do!

Oh and one last confession...I cheated and had an iced latte instead of sucking down more water. Oopsies. Sorry not sorry. When I stopped in, the baristas there seemed to have sighed in relief to know that I wasn't dead or dying. It's been two weeks.

Let's hear those confessions! Cheers!


  1. i judge a website, blog and book by it's design/cover. not sorry either. if i'm going to be looking at something, i want it to be nice. i also judge companies by their network and technology setup ie. if they have old shit going on, i don't work there. what? no internet only intranet? sorry, i can't accept your offer.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Girl, everybody is all the time telling me that my biological clock is tick, tick, ticking away. Hello! We're only 24 and 26, and I don't even wants kids. Dang, tough crowd.

  3. i absolutely 10000% judge a website by its design. especially shopping, i'm not shopping somewhere that looks like the website hasnt been updated in 10 years.
    hahaha i love that you got the kids stuff from the 'just' group. i just signed up for justfab (thats a lot of justs) and i hope they dont start sending me kids stuff ;)
    bookgasming is officially my new fave word.

  4. Pft clocks! I'm super judgey books, websites, people. It's bad. Yay for football with the hubs!!! I love me some football. Baseball is second though and then basketball. Umm, one time I c/p with my manager at an old job looking over my shoulder and I was writing smut so it had the word penis in it. I was like OMG where did that come from?!

  5. I watch the same trashy shows with no shame. It gets me through the day. I also judge everything in life by its cover with no remorse. That's just the way I am :)

  6. I would be so pissed if my Fabletics order ended up being pink boots. I wait on my new outfit! Hello, shipping time!

    I've been reading through Chick Lit books at like a million miles a minute, recently. I just discovered an Australian author who has written a bunch of books that everyone was talking about and I got through 2 of her books (The Hypnotist's Love Story & What Alice Forgot) in 4 days!

    Great gifs! :)

  7. I'm 37 and we have no kids. Anyone referencing my ovaries that is not me or MFD gets a verbal junk punch.

    I've been going to a different Dunkin Donuts and my regular DD guy thought I was sick, he told me when I went back to him last week. hahaha

  8. I'm the same way with tv. It's ALLLLL trash.

  9. I am a big fan of chick lit as well. I read the whole shopaholic series in record time! This made me want to watch the movie tonight. Thanks! ;)

  10. Hi Emily. First, thank you for acknowledging this tragic and untimely passing of this immensely talented and beautiful human being that we know to be Robin Williams. I wasn't sure if most bloggers here would take a moment to acknowledge him. And i'm thrilled to see some did. Second of all I have been an absolute mess since Monday night. I just cant stop thinking about this and have had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat for days. I am happy that I am not the only one who still grieving. We lost a truly amazing man. Sometimes I wonder what this world is coming to.


  11. Gif usage: You're doing it right.

  12. Mmm an iced latte sounds freaking wonderful right now!

    I like easy, light reads as well! If I want a good cry, I will watch the homeless doggie commercials.

    I hate when people imply that I am 30 and "still" don't have kids. Um it's none of your damn business.

  13. I am all about the books and totally judge by the cover. Trash TV is just addicting, i don't blame you. i started watching Bachelor In Paradise and it's so trashy but I'm hooked.

  14. I actually haven't seen any of the shows you listed but Real housewives is my guilty pleasure for sure! And please don't be worrying about your ovaries at 26.. I just turned 30 {gasp} and am still not ready for kids!

  15. Yes, Vagina Health- right as the boss is walking by. LOL. I def judge a website too. I actually created a fitness website myself and I could use a professional opinion - or all of my blogging friends' opinions - to tell me what you all think of it!

  16. i went to the ray lamontagne concert last night and it was outside and raining but there was no way i was leaving early! i paid good money for that piece of grass on the lawn

  17. I don't understand the whole leaving concerts early thing either!!! If anything, get there later and miss the opening acts, which usually blow, haha!
    I'm the same way with websites, blogs, etc... if it looks like shit, I feel like it's gonna be, well, shit.

  18. I learned my lesson the hard way about leaving concerts early. My ex and I left a 3 Doors Down/Three Days Grace/etc concert early and we found out the next day that all the bands that were there got up on the stage together and started singing each other's songs. FAIL.

    I get judged all the time for NOT watching TV.

  19. I love chick lit. I am a pretty big reader and I compare it to some people's love of reality TV- sometimes you just need something silly & fluffy to relax your mind.

  20. I love these confession. I watch total trash on TV too and reallly don't care. It's super entertaining. Love chick lit for the same reason!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  21. I couldn't agree more to what you said about Robin Williams. I've been crying at random times this week thinking about it. It also doesn't help that I'm PMSing...

    Also, yes to trash TV. Honey Boo Boo is my favorite trash HA!