Monday, November 10, 2014

I Run for Hot Chocolate....and Wine

So if you haven't noticed already, all I have time for these days is posting to Instagram every now and again to show you guys that I'm in fact still alive and breathing, running races and packing for the move that will happen in just a couple of weeks now! This Sunday was my 15k and my friend's first race longer than a 10k!

 But first let's cover the race expo we went to the day before to pick up our bib numbers and swag. I got some new compression socks, race headband and race hat that is the best running hat known to womankind. I never knew a hat could define me so well...and JUST in time for the winter running season. Ready.

That night we carb-loaded with pasta of course and went to bed earlyish due to the early wake-up call (4:30am eff my life). We keep on saying that we'll never do this again...yet we always do...signs of addicts.

I knew a ton of people signed up for this race series but I didn't know that we would be met with all of THIS business.

There were several corrals that were released every few minutes or so which helped avoid bottlenecks, but of course it was still an issue and it's just inevitable. I mean clearly all of Chicago ran this dang race!

I was happy to change my corral so I could start with my friend. We were set to rock this race...because my headband says so.

One thing that is also inevitable when it comes to huge races like this one...there are also a ton of people who don't follow race etiquette (i.e. stopping to walk right in the MIDDLE of the road and starting in a corral that is faster than your average running pace). PET PEEVE TO THE MAX. But in any event, the weather wasn't as cold as I thought it would be and my gear was on point. I ran throughout the whole damn thing without stopping despite the uphill battles that were only in the second half of the race (of course). My playlist got me through and I crossed the finish line with a huge victory! And a medal that looked like a chocolate bar. Win.

Once Laura passed the finish line, we high-fived like pros and were off to feast on our mugs full of chocolate!

That hot chocolate was the absolute best...and it almost made me forget how much my hip flexors and ankles were burning. More selfies occurred.

I'm SO proud of her and she kicked some major ass. I chocolate was at the finish line waiting for us soooo that's enough motivation for me.

We eventually made our way back to gear check and parted ways where I subsequently gorged on a grilled chicken sandwich waiting for my train ride home. Food never tastes so good than just after a race. NOMS. Hopefully everyone had a fabulous weekend!!!!


  1. congrats!!!! and hell yes to crossing that finish line where hot chocolate was waiting!

  2. Awesome! You are amazing! Hot Chocolate at the finish line would motivate me too. Food after a race was always the best, I was always famished!

  3. This looks like a really fun race! Love the medal! Congratulations on another finish!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Congrats! Hot chocolate is almost enough for me to run.....almost.... ;)

  5. So awesome!!! Now that is a race that I can get behind ;)

  6. Hot chocolate at the finish line is such a great motivator!!! Congrats on rocking the race!

  7. How fun! I've never ran a race that had hot chocolate at the end. Then again, I live in AZ so I don't think I would need it. LOL. The race looks fun and extremely enticing.

  8. I love that will run for wine hat! Too funny!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  9. Yum! Talk about an extrinsic reward! Chocolate at the end would definitely be a motivator for me. :)