Thursday, March 26, 2015

Challenge Accepted

So I decided that I needed to ramp up my fitness game so I chose to first do the Cleanse phase of Advocare's overall 24-Day Challenge. The whole challenge is split into two phases the first being the cleanse phase and the second being the max phase.

Here's the essential loot!

The meal replacement shake is optional, but if you're constantly looking for a quick breakfast solution, this takes the guess work out of it. Oh and did I mention that this limited edition flavor pretty much tastes like ground up thin mints? I almost cried when they sold out and was notified that they usually don't restock for a year!!! Advocare...please help a girl out and restock more asap.

While it's called the "cleanse phase" what I like about is that you're not drinking breakfast, lunch and dinner and spending the majority of your day on a toilet seat. This whole program teaches you how to eat with its pamphlet it comes with to make sure you're getting protein, a complex carb and fruits/veggies everyday in addition to having the supplements and drinks when needed.

In the herbal cleanse box you'll find a bunch of supplements to be taken before meals and before bed in addition to a fiber drink that is to be taken each morning on certain days (not fun). If you have issues swallowing large pills then you might run for cover with this, but it's definitely worth braving it out. The supplements overall help increase your metabolism, absorb nutrients and assist in weight control.

The Advocare Spark drink mix comes in many flavors, although the pink lemonade flavor is UH-mazing. I'm a coffee person in the morning and with this, I've been able to kick it out of my morning routine since it gives me so much energy. The program requires you to take it 30 minutes before breakfast.

I've been following the program diligently and with working out every day since starting the program, I've lost nearly 5lbs. Not so shabby since it's only been a few full days! My workouts consist of switching between running and strength training with free weights or kettlebells.

 Getting to the gym has been SO much easier these days thanks to my new Nike Frees too! (See above). They're electric pink wonderfulness and I feel like an unstoppable unicorn in beast mode whenever I wear them. I really needed to get separate shoes for when I strength train and for when I run and I definitely made the right choice with these! The support in the heel is great and if you have ridiculously narrow feet like I do, these are PERFECT.

ANYWAY back to Advocare's also recommends that you take your weight and divide it by two in order to figure out how many fluid ounces of water you should be drinking each day. This is ALWAYS a challenge for me, but just filling up a giant water bottle and having it on my desk throughout the day helps.

As I'm about halfway through the cleanse phase, I'm feeling soooo good. I have energy throughout the whole day and I'm not starving! The program does frown upon alcohol consumption (yes I've managed to control myself thus far), sugars, fried foods, simple carbs etc...ya know pretty much all of the obvious things that aren't bikini body-friendly.

I wasn't planning on doing the full 24-Day Challenge, but after seeing such great results already and my body's response to to this phase of the program, I've decided to opt in for the max phase! And really, the only items you REALLY need to keep down the cost is the MNS 3 pack that's filled with more supplements you take for the remaining days and make sure you have enough of the Spark energy mix. There's other products you can take to assist in your weight loss too such as Carb-ease, that wards off carbs if you're a carbovore like myself.

The cleanse phase overall costs around $85 or so not including the meal replacement shake which in my personal opinion is SO worth it if you compare it to the cost of other programs for weight loss. I'll be writing up another post at the end of the cleanse phase as well!

So because I feel the need to amp up my "hey this shiz works"'s a before and after photo....the before photo was in February...I know it's dark...but really it was a blessing...I was packing on some pounds since the wedding and NOT happy....despite the drink in my hand. I can claim that it was a bad angle all I want, but damn....

The photo on the right was this morning. Now of course I must stress that I absolutely don't slack when it comes to exercise and these results weren't purely from the Advocare cleanse phase. Good old hard work in progress.

Has anyone else done the Advocare program or anything else that's similar? Shout it out!


  1. I am really glad that you wrote this post. I see so many people praising these products, but then I look on their side bar and oh look...they are a distributer! I want to hear thoughts from people who just genuinely believe in this stuff without a reason behind it like making money. Looks like you are really enjoying the results, and thanks for being honest about working out too. I hate when people act like it is just a drink, we all know there is no magical fix!! Did you have any bad side effects the first few days from avoiding anything you would normally have? Looking good lady!!

  2. Thin mint and pink lemonade??! Sign me up!! You're looking great girl!!!!

  3. WOW you look amazing, way to go on all of your hard work, it's definitely paying off! I lost 20 pounds last year using 21 Day Fix mostly, still have a ways to go before I get to my goal weight but I feel SO much better than I did!

  4. Glad you said it is also the hard work. I am not about a quick fix because I know it doesn't last the habits do. I am a fan of something that helps and supplements progress though. Awesome job girl!

  5. You look great! I have always wanted to try Advocare, even thought about trying to sell it for some extra cash! I love anything that is broken out into a reasonable amount of time, that really helps me! Keep it up girl!

  6. Wow, your hard work really pays off, you look great! I've never tried any of those products myself, hope they will keep their promise ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment, xoxo