Saturday, September 10, 2011


Alrighty so the bf and I decided to see Contagion yesterday because hey, what is more interesting than some crazy, unknown virus that could possibly wipe out the human race? Well, unfortunately, it failed miserably. Sure, seeing Gwyneth Paltrow's performance seizing on the kitchen floor was quite impressive...however everything was poorly executed from start to finish.

The various side stories involving the different families/people were not developed. The story really should have focused on Matt Damon's and Gwyneth Paltrow's family. This movie certainly did not surpass Outbreak, another "holy #@$% this virus is going to kill everyone" kind of movie that starred Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey. What was even funnier were the subtle elements that were completely unrealistic. For instance when everyone attempted to evacuate Chicago and cross the border into Wisconsin. The last time I checked, there was no San Diego-type bridge crossing the Chicago/Wisconsin may see some more cows and/or farms...but that's pretty much it.

One thing that really was entertaining for me personally though was the fact that I am getting over a bad cold/cough which caused me to cough a few times (one of the symptoms of the virus). When the bf and I first sat down in our seats, we were lucky enough to be followed in by a horde of chatty, prepubescent girls. Once the movie started to reveal the symptoms of this highly contagious and deadly virus, I started to cough a few times causing them to look back at me in utter terror. Definitely a highlight of the night.
* * *
Today's activities involved a scheme so cleverly plotted by my own flesh and blood. My mother. My bf and I have been exclusive for six years in November and both my mom and his mom cannot wait for us to tie the knot. My mom asked me to come along to Dalzell jewelers, one of the little stores in the downtown shopping center of where I live to pick up my grandmother's rings that she had appraised and cleaned. She had me at "I'll get us some Starbucks." So as I was sipping my latte, my mom casually suggests that we look at "the other jewelry" before we leave...and by other jewelry she meant the engagement rings. The sales people were of course relentless as well. "Oh what cut do you like?" "Oh this one is a classic with a vintage flair to it" don't get me wrong, I love sparkly rings that cost more than my college education

just as much as the next girl BUT there is no rush. The ring off to the left is a Tacori that caught my eye I must say. ;) As to when I will be adorning such a ring on my finger? Only time will tell...

To make up for the obnoxious, engagement ring fiasco, my mom treated me to a of course I had to accept and recant my vengeful plot I had brewing in my head. Even though I was blinded by the bling way too many times, at least I now have pretty nails.


  1. Wow, mom and daughter bonding at its finest. Starbuck's and a pedi just to look at sparkly things... not a day to complain about. :)

    Plus, they really need to stop making "mysterious illness" movies... should've stopped at 28 days...

  2. Even though my boyfriend and I (dating over 2 years now) don't plan on getting married till were both out of school for a few years (like 3-5), I still have an engagement ring picked out. It's called Adore by Mark Scheider. So beautiful!