Friday, September 30, 2011

Kittens Over Kids

Just like many Facebookers out there, you may be friends with people on Facebook when you weren't exactly "friends" in high school. I can't help but notice that within the past couple of years everyone has been getting knocked up or married! I'm 23 and I somehow feel like I'm going to be the only one not showing up at my high school reunion in a mini van. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a couple of rugrats of my own...but definitely not now. My two kitties serve as my kids and that is all I can really handle right now. I just started my career and in the process of losing some extra lbs. Call me selfish, but the last thing that is on my mind is gaining all that weight back and going on maternity leave. So, just like a good mother I will post baby pictures...of my kitties. :p To the right is Luigi, my bf saved him. He was the runt of the litter and didn't come from a clean home...poor little guy was covered in fleas and so small...but SO cute.He's definitely an attention whore and LOVES people. He's a lap kitty and has no qualms eating chicken and/or turkey right off your plate. When the bf isn't around he loves to snuggle and watch trashy television with me while I unwind from a long day at work. He even gives me leg massages (kneads for a while until he gets comfy). Luigi is like a dog without the bark. He follows you around and gives you a whole lot of love no matter who you are.

Luigi's dad and I are convinced that he was once human in his past life. Then just about two years ago, we decided to give Luigi a buddy to hang out with. And so I came home one day with my little ball of fluff Apollo! He's full of drama and mischief ever since he was a wee kitten. He antagonized Luigi ever chance he got. Don't let that little fluffy kitty fool you. He did everything from attacking your feet under covers to hogging lap space. Unlike Luigi, he chooses who he will like and dislike. He's partial to females and has a habit of sleeping on my shoes. Take a pair of shoes away from him...and he will be crushed.

He's also a sucker for turkey and does everything on his terms. (He's a lot like his mommy). Unlike any other kitty I've seen, he loves to sprawl out and lay on his back stretched out hoping you'll notice his cuteness, ignore Luigi, and go pet him. The picture to the left is Apollo in his usual "give me attention because I'm really cute" position. If you're wondering where his fluff went, this was when the vet gave him a lion cut when I told them to just give him a trim! I felt so sorry for him but my lord was it hilarious. I had no idea such a little body was underneath that mass of fur! I'm also pretty sure he was plotting my untimely death for allowing such a thing to happen to him. Alas, his fluff grew back and once again doubles as a pillow.

My kitties are definitely spoiled. They get everything from turkey slices to little pieces of grilled chicken (mainly so Apollo doesn't hack up a hairball from all of his fluff). It definitely isn't easy being so fluffy. It's also not easy wearing black on a regular basis and not look like you're growing a coat of fur yourself. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make because I'm convinced that I have raised two of the most amazing kitties ever...yes I know my view is slightly slanted. But really, they can get anything out of me if they tried hard enough. I'm one of those people who attaches themselves more to the animals in movies than the main character. If the cute pet dies for whatever reason....the movie automatically fails on every other level.

 My two troublemakers....that still allow me to work and sleep normal hours. I mean because really, I'm still catching up on the hundreds of hours of sleep I lost while I was in college.


  1. couldnt agree with you more :)

  2. Ok, I am such a cat person that it's stupid.. your kitties are ADORABLE! In fact, I might just steal them..

    Cherie @ Refractions

  3. Aww! Adorable kitties you have! They look very happy. And I'm so glad to hear that Luigi found a nice home with you guys. :-)

  4. Hahaha thanks guys! I definitely love those two kitties. Such hams!