Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Shot Weekend

Friday night the bf took me out to Black Top Piano Lounge. The second you walk in you're led downstairs into a speakeasy-like lair with great entertainment and martinis. Places like this are definitely not in abundance and they should be. We had the pleasure of listening to two pianists work their skills and I was very

impressed. They performed everything from John Lennon to Maroon 5. I love any kind of place that breaks out of the norm. And again, I must stress...they make mean martinis. I ordered the chocolate covered strawberry martini...need I say more? And here I thought that the hardest thing I had to do that night was figuring out what to wear! Even the bf was wondering if it was acceptable for a man to order a martini because they were that delicious. I mean and chocolate? Right up my alley. Not to mention they definitely do NOT skimp on the alcohol content...

The crowd was very mixed as well which made for great people watching. It seemed to draw many birthday celebrations to date nights for 20-somethings and older folks as well. Throughout the night you could request songs for the pianist to play and one apparently chose Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" which made the older folks groan in dissatisfaction.

The only negative I could really say was that the parking isn't so ideal. I have an odd phobia against parking garages late at night. Yes, this could be the ramifications of watching way too much Law and Order SVU, HOWEVER, they are seriously beyond creepy. Because think about it, if some weirdo were to attack, what are the chances of someone a.) hearing you scream or b.) even get to you before you bleed out? Traveling in packs or with a significant other is alright though. Just make sure you can outrun at least one of your friends?

There seemed to be a lot of other places in the area as well that looked interesting. I'm really over chain restaurant outings (with the exception of a few favs). Most of the time the food is mediocre and the chef can't tell the difference between medium and medium rare. Unfortunately, they seem to rule out the unique restaurants and places such as this piano lounge. This economy doesn't help much either.

Saturday was my grandmother's 88th, surprise birthday party. It was a major success and was a very nice, quiet brunch/family gathering. Afterward I got to spend the night with my big sis and her kitty named Bella and her pup Griswold, which I have dubbed

"Nubs" because he has adorable nubs for limbs. Quite hysterical. We were accompanied by them while watching a Chopped marathon. I really am amazed by that show. I'm lucky if I know what to do with simple ingredients let alone how to incorporate mac and cheese into a dessert under 30 minutes. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it starts off with four chefs who are given ingredients in a basket for each round that need to be incorporated into an appetizer for the first round, an entree for the second round, and a dessert for the third round. In each round, one person gets "chopped" by the judges. I am very limited when it comes to my cooking capabilities but out of necessity I've learned how to make a few dishes here and there...none of which include fancy names. You're talking to someone who had no idea it actually took a whole 30 minutes just to cook rice (not minute rice). I'm a generation now type of person. I don't have time to make rice for 30 minutes. I DO have enough time though to hire someone to do that for me...I need to get on that...any takers? Actually, I need to hire an intern chef...yes...they will typically work for free. Yes?


  1. that is one cute dog!! haha. what breed is it?

  2. He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! He is definitely a heartbreaker. Haha. :)

  3. I watch a lot of Law and Order SVU as well. It makes me soooo paranoid.

    When I walk at night I am constantly ready to deck someone out.

  4. Thank you for your comment, it helped. I like your blog and I'm now following. I will read it more when I go on my lunch break. Have a great day babe.