Thursday, January 19, 2012

The New Year

Oh hey, look at that, it's a new year and with a new year always comes...resolutions. 2011 was a tough year to get through but I am lucky to look back and see that I have one hell of a support system. I'm not big on resolutions since I don't really need the mark of a new

year to set goals for myself...however I do hope that the media would make some resolutions for itself and/or people would pay more attention to things that matter in the world. For instance, it's not acceptable that more people are more in-tune to how many times Lindsey Lohan has been arrested than who the presidential candidates are. I mean, I find it very depressing that more people most likely vote for American Idol than for the person who is going to run the country. More people should definitely make some resolutions to educate themselves more on current issues...and not the current issues of US Weekly and OK magazine...

My personal resolution is to help others out more and either do some activities for good causes or volunteer. I ran my first 5k in November for Helping Paws and it was great doing something that benefited the many puppies and kitties in need. (Plus, I'm a huge animal lover). I figured participating in runs is the best way to live up to my resolution since not only am I helping whatever cause I'm running for, but I'm keeping my ass in shape as well. I mean because my wine intake plus my Starbucks beverages really do not equate to an overall, healthy caloric intake. This leads into my next point about resolutions...the most typical one people make...yes, lose weight and/or be more healthy.

However, on top of the newcomers to my gym that actually will attempt to exercise consistently for lets say...three months, my gym has turned into the new, hip place for teens to gather and socialize. This is a problem. If you want to stand around and chat with your girlfriends, there is a Starbucks for that. People who go to the gym go there to...I don't know...WORKOUT. Now if they were to huddle into a corner and giggle at the meatheads that pretend like they can bench a crazy amount of weight, then fine. But when you start lounging around on the equipment and interrupt my routine, shit is going to hit the fan. I mean really, whatever happened to meet-ups at the roller rink?

Ever since my gym changed from a Cardinal Fitness, it has been attracting people who lack proper gym etiquette. For instance, not only is it nice to clean the equipment after you sweat all over it, but it's disgusting if you don't! This among many reasons is why I joined a new gym, E.W. Training. It's not your typical gym, but they have a handful of trainers there that will kick your ass every single time with scheduled classes throughout the week. And the best part is that lazy socialites or anyone who is there not to workout will get the boot. It's a little more expensive of course than your average gym membership but it is completely worth it. I appreciate their style and unique ways of working out i.e. ropes, boxing classes, flipping huge tires etc..Chicago is expecting yet another snow storm so my Polar Dash race may be postponed yet again or possibly even canceled. Either way, I have my next 5k already scheduled for the summer and it will be epic. Apparently this run is hosted by a number of major cities. You are instructed to wear all white and throughout the course, there are "color zones" where people color bomb you at each mile marker with a different color. Now this is my kind of run. Find the Color Run 2012 Race near you!


  1. My number 1 pet peeve of all time: People who go to the gym, hang around on the machines and NOT workout. aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Drives me nuts! Hope the new gym is better.

    Happy New Year, and good luck with your resolutions! xxx

  2. Haha. Love this. Although I'm totally one of those people that know more about LiLo than the presidential debates.