Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Recovery

Monday was one of the worst days I've had in quite some time. For those of you who don't know...I am a BIG animal lover and own two kitties. One of which had to go under the knife! My poor little Luigi!! I found out that he had blood in his urine so I made a vet appointment stat and a few tests later, I found out that he had a huge kidney stone. Judge away, but I consider my kitties to be my kids so when I heard that the best thing to do was for him to have surgery...I pretty much died a little inside. The vet reassured me that the surgery is pretty routine but I still felt like I do when that fricken Sarah McLachlan commercial comes on the air. Helpless and awful. I felt like such a bad mom! "What did I do?! Did I do this??? I'm such a horrible person!!!" But no, apparently these things just "happen" sometimes and the change in food a couple of months ago may have been the cause but they weren't sure. Aside from the stone, he's a healthy kitty.

SO come Monday morning...I was absolutely dreading the moment when I would have to check Luigi in and leave him there at the vet. It gets me every time. Those heart-wrenching meows don't make it any easier either. I checked him in and cried my eyes out to sad, depressing songs on my iPod the whole way to work. It figures it was a semi-slow day. I was able to call and check up on him and the surgery went well so when I got off work he would be able to come home! Of course the second I was able to pack up and go home I went no less than 10 over the speed limit and was a total and complete asshole on the road. When I finally got to the vet the poor little guy was carried out in the carrier all drugged up and groggy from the anesthesia and pain meds.

 I was instructed to give him little injections into his mouth for the pain every 12 hours which I knew would be a task..but thankful he was alright. I got him home and he was so excited to be home he tried to get up, stumbled and fell over :( . He was acting like me when I've had too much vodka. To prevent him from trying to walk he had to spend the night in his carrier but by morning he was more like himself. Now, he's like his normal kitty self and still trying to escape his pain med injections. It's a game every morning....while he's in solitary in the sun room (his fav room in the house) he's been living it up lounging on his new, comfy bed. He needs to be separated from Apollo for another week to make sure he gets enough rest and healing time.

After the stressful week I am happy to say that the weekend is off to a good start. Date night consisted of gorging myself on popcorn and seeing the much anticipated Prometheus. I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed. I won't spoil anything but Ridley Scott did a good job. He could have done a better job explaining some things a little further but that aside, it is highly recommended. It's definitely not a movie with those who have weak stomachs though that's for sure.

I also decided that I needed to clean out my closet some more now that summer has officially set in and summer sales are running rampant. I must say, it's been quite difficult finding shorts that are not ridiculously short. I decided to hit up American Eagle and stock up. I got my essential dark denim, some white shorts, awesome orange shorts and some skinny bermudas. Got to love sales.

While I was going through my closet, I came across a top that I bought a year or so ago and have never worn out. It was one of those things that a friend somehow convinced me that it looked good at the time...but it really just looked better on the hanger....I mean seriously...this is nonsense. The only thing that is good about this photo is how my arms look after dedicating a lot of time at the gym. This top will be making its exit from my closet. Immediately.

Speaking of the gym, I picked up a shirt with one of my fav sayings. "Strong is the new skinny." I mean because really, I'd rather be able to kick someone's ass than be a stick for someone to throw around. My training has enabled me to say that I can successfully kick a lot of ass. I take pride in that. : ) Good-bye fat, hello muscle and awesomeness.

I closed the weekend with having a day with the bff and the future hubs. Not too shabby. To start off I got up bright and early for my morning run and got home in time to hop into my swimsuit to snag some sun by the private lake area by my house with my partner in crime.

Laying out from early morning to the early afternoon while listening to some tunes makes for a successful day. We nourished ourselves with Jimmy Johns lakeside and continued to bake in the sun. It was a very cool 90 degrees *sarcasm*. We were baking like eggs on a stove top.

After hours baking in the sun, I can say that I did not actually burn alive....completely. I suffer from some minor burns on my back but nothing a little aloe vera won't heal. Definitely a life saver. My bff wasn't so lucky though. It'll most likely be one of those "omg I can't wear clothes" days for her tomorrow. My future hubs got a REALLY bad burn on his shoulders too so my favorite shoulder spot was off limits during cuddle/movie time. Sads. What's even more sad is that tomorrow is the start of a very busy work, sunny come around again sooner rather than later. Thanks.

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