Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lace Up!

Alright so I am currently obsessed with lace apparel. I recently went ahead and purchased a lace top from Urban Outfitters that I thought would be an epic fail or look totally amazing. I went ahead and took the risk by buying it online since they didn't carry it at my nearest UO location. However, shopper tip...if you live in a place that rapes you with sales can order from a store from out-of-state and will only be charged at that location's sales tax AND avoid shipping costs (at least that happened for me). I was beyond excited since Chicago has a wonderful 10 percent sales tax on apparel. I ended up ordering the top from the Urban Outfitters in Madison, Wisconsin and only paid around 2 percent sales tax AND got it sooner than if I were to order it off the website.

I personally ended up LOVING this top and paired it with a matching, ivory tank top underneath. The sleeves go out into a bell flare as well.

The back of the top is also detailed with a criss-cross. With my wedding planning underway, this top will definitely look awesome for future events i.e. wedding shower and/or bridal shows. I'm also looking into bridal gowns that are detailed with lace so it'll be like a sneak preview. ; ) This top also doesn't itch like some lace does. It's surprisingly comfy!

I'm definitely loving the different ways to incorporate lace into an outfit, although it's understood that not everyone is a fan. I just so happen to be. I love the idea of black lace under jeans.

 Pairing some neon colors with black lace are two trends that are definitely cute and are making my way into my wardrobe. 

 I've also been playing around with my curler more and got the hang of making some cute waves with my hair. I fell in love with the Hollywood Styler that has various heat settings to give your hair different curling styles such as beach waves, more tight curls or curls with more volume.  I used Herbal Essences "set me up" products to keep the curls in throughout the WHOLE day. These products are definitely a must for me since my hair tends to fall flat by the afternoon and doesn't like to behave....

Alright so my current status is weight loss at 25lbs since around December, a semi-new wardrobe to fit my bod AND some new hairstyles to rock. Nothing like achieving goals and kicking ass. Now if my bank account can just inflate a little bit to adjust to my spending habits...

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