Sunday, June 17, 2012

Endless Summer

This weekend was definitely needed after such a busy week at work. I didn't get to sleep in, but I got to indulge in crazy amounts of great food, family and friends. It all started Friday night when I had a hot date with not the future hubs but one of my fav friends and also bridesmaid-to-be.

We started off with our newfound sushi restaurant, Kaminari, that has become our go-to girly date night place. For some reason it slipped my mind to remind our waitress that I am highly allergic to avocados so to take extra caution when preparing my food. Lets rewind a little to my wonderful food allergy involving avocados. If I ingest avocado in any way, shape or body will destroy me and I will be making a trip to the ER. SO when our waitress brought our cucumber rolls to us to start with....just seeing the avocado slices made my stomach turn inside out momentarily. I apologized for not mentioning it sooner, she took it back, remade it and all was well.

 We never shortchange ourselves when it comes to sushi at this place so we placed three orders of rolls each. I got the shrimp tempura, spicy salmon roll and spicy scallop roll. We got our rolls...and...there was fricken avocado in one of my rolls. Now, I had to remind the woman yet again of my allergy for the SECOND time. She ended up lecturing me that I should have told her to begin with since they use avocado in many of their dishes. Apparently I needed to explain my food allergy more than once for it to sink in for this woman. Consider your tip to be slashed in half, lady. Once I got my rolls thereby avoiding death by avocado, we devoured our food and split a bottle of wine. No hot date is complete without one obviously...

After we filled up on sushi and wine we headed out to foam at the mouth over Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman. We had some time to kill so my date treated me to Starbucks. It was such a sweet gesture.

After becoming sufficiently caffeinated, we smuggled in the remains of our Starbucks and settled in to see Kristen Stewart's horrid performance and Charlize Theron totally kick ass. Seeing her kick Stewart's ass at the end even momentarily...was worth seeing the movie. Overall, it could have been better but Theron was definitely one badass, evil queen. I also felt sorry for Hemsworth...he had to taint those pretty lips with kissing Stewart. I was personally outraged. Overall it was a decent movie but I really do hope that they release the DVD with an alternative ending that reveals a more likely scenario with Theron totally owning Stewart ending in her untimely death.

The following day I had to drag my ass out of bed bright and early to get Luigi's stitches out and for a post operation check-up. My kitty has a little infection around the incision site so he now has to wear the cone of shame permanently for the next few days. I know how much he hates it so I was too lenient with it before. Ka-ching once more for an antibiotic. He likes to saunter over to me and look at me like I'm practicing some type of new method of torture on him.

After the vet visit Josh picked me up to go to TWO graduation parties for cousins on both sides of the family. This is where my food baby started to rapidly develop. Beer brats, wine, shrimp pasta spread stuff, potato salad, cake, ice cream, Starbucks frap, italian beef, etc....we started at his mom's side where things tend to be more subdued. It was hot as hell outside and definitely not comfortable enough to utilize the volleyball net that was set up unfortunately. The humidity was disgusting. I engaged in some conversation with Josh's step grandmother shall I say? Josh and I are on equal ground when it comes to how awkward and random conversations can become with her. Prime example, she told me how every time I see her I've lost weight and look great....then she says, "oh my sister-in-law is anorexic but I think that's just because her ex-husband was very controlling." Hmmmm ooookay then. See? Very awkward. Very random. After we mingled a bit over there we went over to Josh's dad's side of the fam to celebrate his cousin Eric graduating 8th grade. This side is where the wine flows like water. My place to be. Not to mention that Josh made me my first smore of the summer. A summer staple. Look at that gooey marshmallow and stop, my thighs.

The following day I once again had to skip the whole sleeping in thing and get up ungodly early so my dad could wake up to breakfast amazingness. I made apple cinnamon muffins, pancakes, sausage and eggs. He loved it and the smile on his face said it all. :) He's definitely one of my role models in life.

I gorged myself on pancakes and eggs myself before I just HAD to finally work some of that off with a long run before continuing with the Father's Day festivities. Once my sister came over we got what we needed to make my dad's special dinner and then we were off to see Prometheus since he's been itching to see it since opening night.

After a successful movie date with the fam, we headed home so my sister and I could start making dinner. She made her famous salmon pasta dish that is to die for and I made a yummy salad complete with fresh cut green and red peppers and cucumbers. I also cracked open a bottle of wine a little early while prepping for this awesome dinner. Yum. Nothing better than some candy wine.

Overall, my dad had a great day. Mission accomplished. My mission of being on track to lose my last 10lbs before the summer is over...yeah that one is still pending. I pretty much consumed more calories this weekend than I did during the whole week. At least I kicked ass during my morning runs. I don't need to gain another sister's dog also made an appearance at the house this weekend. I can never get enough of that little pup. He has little nubs for limbs. Irresistible.

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  1. Just out of interest did you know that Kaminari means Thunder in Japanese?

    My fave Japanese restaurant in the UK was called Wagamama, which after learning some Japanese I learnt means selfish.

    Useless fact of the day; you're welcome!