Saturday, June 23, 2012

Service With A Smile

Alright so I've been searching for a dress for my cousin's outdoor wedding at the end of July. It's in Bay Lake, Minnesota, a place that holds many childhood memories for my mom's side of the fam. Since it'll be the end of July, I'm anticipating the weather to be crazy humid and hot so a full length dress is pretty much out of the question. I surprisingly do not own many short dresses SO this gave me an excuse to go dress shopping. First, my mom and I went out to brunch to Benedict's La Strata and looked over some wedding magazines of my own to discuss some ideas I've been coming up with. The waitress spotted the wedding magazines and gave me many congratulations. I really can't get enough of them. I've been waiting to say "oh yes, I'm engaged" for quite some time now so I'm soaking it up! Keeping my wedding figure in mind, I opted for their famous veggie white omelet that is to DIE for. There was a table behind us too full of older couples and found out that one of them was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. SO adorable.

After we ate, we went to a boutique that I frequent quite often....sans the usual good customer service. Now I know people are entitled to bad days and working retail...I can only imagine what that's like...BUT if I am nothing but nice to you, I expect at least some fake niceness despite a possible hard-to-deal-with customer or maybe the stick that was apparently shoved up her ass. I spend quite a few $$$ there and that place is NOT cheap so yes, I expect decent service. Despite the bitchy attitude, I still tried on some dresses.

The first dress was okay I suppose but I wasn't sold on the pattern or the cinched waist and it would just look better on a shorter person. I did like the one-shoulder detail but I felt too leggy for this's a tall person issue I face quite often when going dress shopping. While these dresses may be a decent length for a shorter person, I end up looking like a skank working a side job on a street corner. If it ends up being a windy day, I would have been in big trouble.

Onto the next one...I was really excited about this dress. It was a silky material, but yet again I knew it would be crazy short on me. I was tempted to buy it but whenever I walked it shifted weird...and if I sat down...some people may be getting a show....not something I really want to happen at my cousin's wedding.

The third dress I tried on was a really cute strapless, maxi dress with a trible-like pattern. I wanted to try it one even though it was a full-length dress. I definitely loved it and ALMOST bought it but that stupid voice in my head was all like "oh hey remember you have a wedding and a house to save for and still need to buy a dress you NEED for the wedding?" I for once listened to that voice...

The last dress I attemped to try on I knew was the one it was a blue and white striped batwing dress by Esley. Unfortunately some ignorant dumbass who decided to force the zipper up and thereby splitting it....left me unable to purchase it :( . To top it off, I brought this to the attention to the wonderful associate who had a hot poker up her ass and she looked at me as if I was the one who jacked up the garment. UGH. Sure I should have checked it before I sent it to the dressing room but COME ON. If I were the one who really ruined it I would have had no problem buying it. She didn't even offer to see if their second location had it in stock since that was the only dress left in my size. I left totally crushed and dressless. BUT WAIT. I don't give up easily. I hurried home and Googled the label on the dress (I knew it would be tough since most of the clothes at the boutique come from private labels.) To my surprise I found it at a couple websites!! I continued to face the "sold out" disclaimer until I came across a website for a place called Annaleas Boutique. When I saw that my size was still available I couldn't run for my debit card fast enough. It was also significantly cheaper through this boutique as well even with shipping costs.

The navy blue and white stripes were so cute with the style of this dress and very unique. The sleeves are so flowy and cute. Love it. I'm thinking of pairing it with similar wedges only in navy blue and a big, floppy sun hat. :)

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