Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Party in the U.S.A.

So although it technically isn't Independence Day until Wednesday, all of the fun festivities including lakeside fireworks, the parade and festival all went down this past weekend. If there ever was a sign that I'm getting was this morning when I had to get up for work. However, I have no complaints. This weekend was full of amazingness which started on Friday with one of my favorite people. We had great ambitions to pick out some crazy  Pinterest recipe and artsy craft but we ended up engaging in our ritual of ordering Jimmy Johns, indulging in spinach dip and chips AND her homemade brownies while having a Criminal Minds marathon. Success. It was definitely a calorie-fest and I enjoyed every second of it. I just had to pay for it in miles I had to run in the morning. So worth it.

Saturday my other half and I went to our first Cubs game of the season and he landed some pretty sweet seats right behind home plate! And yes, for all of you who follow baseball...I understand that they have one of the worst records in the league right now...BUT they won this time against the Astros SO suck on that.

One of the things that you absolutely MUST do (aside from people watching and enjoying the game) is scarfing down hotdogs the way only Chicago knows how to make them. :) Going to a game without one is a of the many reasons why I believe the prices on these bad boys is inflated x10.

Speaking of price inflation...EVERYTHING is insanely priced from little tubs of Dibs that is enough for a toddler to a helmet full of nachos. I mean seriously, a small bottle of water was $4.50. COME ON. I beat them at their game though and smuggled in a huge liter-sized bottle of my own to last me through the whole game. However, Josh and I have a tradition now to get the helmet full of nachos complete with chili, nacho cheese and delicious jalapenos.  It's a challenge for even TWO people to eat.

One thing we couldn't believe though was that they were handing out some sweet Cubs fan gear for FREE. Yes...FREE. We couldn't believe it. We got little Cubs wristbands. Behold the wristbands....clearly they brought the Cubs good luck since they won ;) .

It was flippin' HOT as all hell, but we managed to pretty much have the best time ever. It was an eventful game and the people watching like I said before is always entertaining. Nothing like hot weather and a ball game to bring out the fashion faux pas that will stick with you like a bad sunburn. One woman was even so tan, she looked similar to one of my leather handbags at home. Never a dull moment. By the time the game ended, we packed up and attempted to snag a cab to the train station...yes almost impossible...but we managed to make it with approximately three minutes to spare. We were EXHAUSTED.

Sunday morning I forced myself up bright and early to go for the run of the century since my what seemed to be weekend-long calorie-fest needed to be balanced out with exercise. After my run it was time to prep for the little gathering to be had later on in the day. There was a ton of cleaning and cooking to do starting with making my festive strawberries that I dipped in melted white chocolate that were topped with blue sprinkles. I attempted to make these red, white and blue drinks that  I found on Pinterest but it was an epic fail on my part. Once again, Pinterest users have out-crafted me. Damnit. BUT look at those yummy strawberries. Mmmmmm.

My mom and I also made festive, red velvet cupcakes, a fruit platter cooked pulled pork in the crock pot for some sandwiches. The party subs from Subway also served us well. Alongside Josh's fam, my partner in crime (also previously mentioned above) was able to join us as well.

Everyone feasted on all of that and although it was hot as balls outside, we all played some volleyball until it was time to gather the blankets and chairs to walk to the lake for the annual fireworks. I don't know about anyone else, but I look forward to watching the fireworks every year. If I miss them, the holiday just doesn't seem to be complete. This year's fireworks were very impressive. Because of the drought and EXTREME heat, many surrounding areas have opted to cancel their fireworks show. It's been so hot for so long, streets are starting to buckle! It's crazy! I have never been so thankful for air conditioning and having immediate access to a lake to jump into.

But from me to all the bloggers out there! Happy Independence Day America!!!

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