Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blast From The Past

So this weekend was the premiere  of the annual Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin (a.k.a in the middle of fricken nowhere). Josh and I usually go every year since it's nothing short of entertaining and umm well where else can you compete against one another throwing axes and daggers at targets? The faire starts now and goes on until September so we may go back again. Once you enter the gates you travel back to the 1500s complete with jousting matches, games, performances, sword fighters, arts, crafts and food.

Not only do the people who are working the faire dress up, but people who visit go all out as well from giant barbarians to fairies frolicking around the village. The women were also spilling out of their corsets too. Yikes. I don't see how it's comfortable. Josh's friend tagged along as well as the rest of Josh's fam.

Josh and his friend made it a point to play several games including this one where you had to sit on a log and engage in a pillow fight...I was the prize in the end so I'm sure Josh was very motivated...he's crazy competitive to begin with. (Josh ended up winning).

It's not everyday you come across some dude walking around in leather carrying a giant axe. He looked like a descendant of Iron Man.

They threw daggers, knives, attempted to climb Jacob's Ladder and ever threw giant axes. I actually participated in that one. Never mess with a blonde with a giant axe. If you go to the faire though, you cannot go without feasting on one of their famous, giant turkey legs that are as big as your face.

They have the best shops there too full of hand-crafted jewelry, weaponry, apparel of the times and more. I got this handmade, leather journal that is absolutely beautiful. Being a writer, I'm a journal I HAD to have one. My other half also got be this amazing scented, amethyst rose made out of steel.

A parade also takes place around the village where the Queen and royals make their rounds. My favorite part every year though is visiting this guy who throws the biggest insults at you while you try to nail him in the face with tomatoes. Some people don't even come close but Josh got him right in the face! It's definitely not for the light of heart. He's one mean dude...but so hilarious.

There are few places you feel like an outsider wearing jeans and carrying a designer handbag. I entered a time WAY before Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors...oh well, needless to say I don't have a wench outfit in my closet. I never got tired of snapping photos of random people in their garb.

After doing some archery, throwing some daggers and people watching it was time to head out and get Josh's new car! Yes, it was a full day. He ended up getting the hamster car! A 2013 KIA Soul in "Alien" green. There's nothing better than seeing him so happy. At first I was definitely not a fan of the color but it's grown on me. It's a great car with a ton of room. And, it'll be a great family car. Ahem..ahem... hehe. Everyday I'm shufflin'!!

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