Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paradise Found

It's crazy how whenever you get back from a need a vacation to re-coop from your vacation...I apologize for the unannounced, week-long absence. This was my first whole week off of work for TWO YEARS. Yes, two years. So needless to say...I was excited. It's tradition to go to Hayward, WI for Josh's side of the family every summer where they rent a bunch of cabins off of the lake. After I go through a momentarily lapse of "holy shit I don't even get cell reception out here" the much needed rest and relaxation ensues. It's nice to disconnect once in a while...however I max out at a main goal during vacation was to completely forget about work....oh and to get a nice tan. Both goals were met. My wine consumption was of course of the charts as well.

After five days of fishing, canoeing, badminton, swimming, drinking games and in-law family bonding later...Josh and I found ourselves in Bay Lake, MN for my cousin's wedding. Now THIS was the part of vacation I was looking forward to the most. While Josh has Hayward, I had Bay Lake when I was still a kid listening to Nsync tunes. Our family would get together at the cabin we owned every summer and coming back made me realize how much I really fricken miss it. This time we stayed in our own villa off the lake at Ruttger's Lodge Resort. Anyway, we were fortunate enough to only have to drive three hours from Hayward to Bay Lake so it wasn't too bad. Plus, Josh did all the driving so I have no room to bitch. We only had two short days there so I made the most of it and hopped on one of my uncle's seadoos (fully clothed) asap. After that my fam decided to dine at Ruby's that is right off the lake the day before the wedding. I find it hilarious that places like this refer to "proper attire" as anything but your bikini and flip flops.

The wedding was beautiful and I couldn't be happy for my cousin and her now hubby. I also cannot believe that I actually still fit in my dress too after gripping onto a wine glass throughout the whole week.

 I seriously don't get to spend enough time with my cousins. We're all VERY close and I couldn't imagine life without them. Although two are only pictured here, (the rest were dancing their socks off) there's nothing like a wedding to bring everyone together. A photo booth will also be required at my wedding. It definitely made for some pretty hilarious photos.

It was rough leaving, but Josh and I had to leave the morning after the wedding. Before I left I took one last photo. This is what I woke up to. Gah, did we really need to leave?!

I give major props to my dude for driving the WHOLE way back. We left at about 7 a.m. and got home at around 3 p.m. which isn't bad considering I remember the trip being nine plus hours (my mom would always insist on stopping). Although we were only gone for a week, it seemed like a whole month! Packing is one of my least favorite activities of all time too. What usually happens is my bags will stay in my room and as I need things from it I will remove them. As of today (About a week and a half later) I am fully unpacked. I'm also starting to train for my first half marathon that's at the end of October. I'm trying not to think about the outcome of that (death) and trying to stay positive about it. I purchased some sweet, new running shoes that have more support for running longer distances and some new attire as well. The swag that comes along with this run is quite awesome too. The Monster Dash is also Halloween-themed since it's the weekend before what I call the slut awareness holiday. You can run in full costume which I fully intend on doing. Wish me luck kids!

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