Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping Therapy

Alright so I'm on week two of my training schedule for this fricken half marathon. Yesterday morning I threw my plan of getting up really early to run out the window and slept in a couple of extra hours...yeah that was a horrible mistake. Little did I know that doing so would have me running four miles in blistering hot and humid weather. My legs felt like lead and I thought I was going to collapse on the pavement iPod and all. My time was awful but I did yes...lesson learned. If I don't want to run in the fiery pits of hell, I need to drag my ass out of bed bright and early whether I like it or not. I also bought some new running shoes since my other ones were pretty awful for running longer distances. I got Brooks Glycerin shoes and my feet cannot be thanking me more for making this purchase. They were not cheap by any means but if you run long distances on a regular basis, I personally recommend these shoes.

This past week was definitely a frustrating one too with the possibility of not being able to have an engagement party. A while back my parents said they'd help out with some of the cost but not that might not happen since my sister needs some financial help from them. Am I bitter? Yes....not going to lie. So instead of sitting at home and stewing about it I decided to do some shopping therapy. Nothing turns a frown upside down than some new outfits...or at least distract me temporarily. Some may say that's running away from your problem, I just find it easier face them looking fabulous.

I was beyond ecstatic when I FINALLY scored this teal maxi dress. I absolutely fell in love with this color for the summer and it's now hanging in my closet and ready to be worn to my cousin's bridal shower next weekend. It came with a black belt but I'm planning on pairing it with a white or brown belt.

After I scored the cute dress for the bridal shower, I bought some cute tops to celebrate the remainder of the summer. The first was a striped, over-sized yellow top that I coupled with a white tank underneath. Normally, a top like this usually makes me look sickly and pale...but I'm currently rocking an awesome tan so I felt like I could ignore my "no yellow" rule. 

Next, I got this really cute silky white and navy blue top that had little tie details on the straps. I always try to aim for versatility when shopping so I figured this top would work for both a nice summer night out or at work with a blazer.

I snagged this midnight blue bow tie blouse that I thought was fabulous for work or for some other event that requires something other than a T-shirt and shorts.

Last weekend I also spotted this whole display of area rugs on the side of the road that I had to check out. I've watched too much HGTV in my day so for me to pass by a great opportunity to spice up a room...yeah not happening. I stopped to see the prices and the initial asking price was right around $200 for an 8X5 that I had my eye on. The second he told me the initial price though he nudged me and said, "for you though...$170" was then when I knew that I could get this awesome rug for a steal. He was not very subtle that he was attracted to blondes...even asked my age and commented that my pedicure was "sexy"...thank goodness I was sporting some sunglasses because there was some serious eye rolling involved. I talked my way into getting the rug for half the price he initially offered. I remember seeing a rug identical to this one for over $300 in a gallery too so I left feeling quite victorious...and made sure to pay in cash. The last thing I need is to leave any kind of paper trail leading to me. Total creeper to the max. But hey, thanks dude for the awesome rug!


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