Monday, August 13, 2012

Spice Up Your Life

It is the start of a new work week...hooray...*yawn. Before this week is reported on, I shall recap this past weekend's events since it was packed full of family wonderfulness. Saturday was my cousin's fabulous bridal shower so I finally got to rock that new dress I bought (also one of my cousin's colors for the wedding).

My mom hosted the venue at this amazing restaurant where we reserved a private room. The food was AMAZING and I'm pretty sure I gained 10lbs post lunch. We played a bunch of really cute games that my aunt came up with including matching up famous couples (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were included....oops!) My cousin is also a pastry chef so there was also a game where we needed to guess the price of some baking products...I had no's a rare occasion when my ass is in the kitchen to actually bake something....if I am, it's to snag a bottle off of the wine rack or to throw some stuff in a pan and pray that it turns out somewhat edible. The third game we played was really cute. There was a list of candy on one the right and wedding terms on the left to match the candy up with. For instance, airheads were the bridesmaids and the groomsmen matched with the three musketeers. 

After we handed out the prizes for those who won the games, it was time for the bride to open up the gifts! Since my cousin and her fiancee already live together, they had this awesome idea of having more of a honeymoon shower where they suggested things we could get them for their honeymoon. They're stopping at various places on the West Coast so they made a website so people could actually get them certificates for a rental car for a day, things to do on their trip like going on a winery tour, etc. The last gift was of course my Aunt Heidi's (my cousin's daughter). She started to unwrap the box and BAM all of us ladies saw that signature teal color. Tiffany & Co. for the win. My cousin always wears these keys around her neck and just loves keys in general so my aunt had this necklace personally made for my cousin that was made up of three keys on a necklace. SO PRETTY. We gasped, we applauded and my cousin was speechless.

After the bridal shower I got to spend some quality time with the bride-to-be and my other cousins and aunt from out-of-town. The weather was gorgeous and called for margaritas and enjoying them we did. After that, (since I obviously hadn't consumed enough calories that day) we got Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza. Go big or go home right? At least it was veggie? :p

Since I was recently outed by my lovely fiancee that yes I have a problem with shopping, I've been keeping the addiction at bay by focusing on running and mentally preparing myself to run for 13.1 miles. Luckily I was due for my long distance run the following morning of my calorie fest. I ran seven miles which didn't seem too bad (I swear by my personally-crafted playlists). There's nothing like still feeling that alfredo sauce sloshing around your stomach though when you're running in humid weather and only halfway through the run...

After my run I retreated downstairs which is my cool-down haven. However, this is Apollo and Luigi's lair during the summer as well so I had the pleasure of having their fluffs stick to my sweaty bod as soon as I collapsed on the couch....awesome.

The weekend came to a close with going to a family birthday party for Josh's cousins and watching Hoarders/ the closing ceremony for the Olympics. I don't know about you, but I instantly regressed to my childhood and freaked the hell out when I found out that The Spice Girls were reuniting and going to perform. Oh.My.God. It was perfect and everything I would have hoped for. Josh was a trooper and watched it with me while I pretended like I wasn't 24 going on 12. Now if only Nsync could reunite....

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