Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shabby To Chic

I don't know about everyone else, but a drastic haircut is the start of a whole new beginning for me. Whether I choose to test out some crazy highlights or cut some inches off the front, I leave that chair like a whole new me. It's been quite some time that I did that and with recent events...I felt like it was time. I went in planning on only getting a trim and a partial...but I of course changed my mind.

As a lady, one knows how important a hairstyle change is. It's a big deal. I hate hats soooo this needed to turn out right.


I had so much foil in my head I think I was transmitting Ryan Seacrest's Top 40. While I was sitting there, I was contemplating on the cut...yes I had to go through with it. How much? We'll see...

Everyone needs a man to make her feel loved, family to keep her well-grounded, friends to laugh with and an amazing hairstylist to make her look fabulous. I just so happen to have all of those. She ended up cutting off seven inches in the back and six inches in the front. She cut a slight angle into the cut which I really love since it's noticeable and not too extreme. Overall, this cut is a win and I didn't run home crying. It's an all new me and once again, my hairstylist has followed through. Our seven-year relationship can move forward with confidence. :) Thankfully, because it would have been a pretty hard break-up and I can't afford to gorge myself on Ben & Jerry's night after night.

First she applied one of my new, favorite products that my stylist introduced me to. Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair is a liquid type spray that strengthens and prevents any damage from occurring like split ends that is specifically for blondies such as myself. Spraying onto wet hair and running your fingers through your hair and into the ends will keep your hair smooth and healthy.

I have really fine hair so to thicken up the style my stylist used Paul Mitchell's extra body "thicken up" gel. It's a great product when you have finer hair like I do since it makes your hair look more full. I also find that it keeps your hair in place more as well. Being in the windy city means constantly trying to fight the wind from effing up my attempt at any kind of hairstyle whatsoever.

Last, is the product I use 100% of the time no matter what. Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Daily Boost is the best root lifter I have ever come across. I highly recommend getting it at a hair salon since they usually have deals like this one where they double the size of the bottle for what a smaller size would cost. All you need to do is spray the stuff onto damp hair, run your fingers through it a bit, blow dry and BAM you instantly have so much more volume to your hair that will last you the whole day.

The finished product:

This is officially my last cut too until post wedding. This cut has allowed me to chop off those crazy split ends and will enable me to say "I do" with healthy, amazing locks.

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