Monday, August 20, 2012

Bright-eyed and Bitchy-tailed

Have you ever had one of those weeks where things just could not get any worse? Sometimes I say that to myself and I mean it as rhetorical question yet life seems to take it as a challenge. Before things went to shit, I'd like to reflect upon the great Saturday afternoon spent with the future hubs. We went to the Air & Water Show where thousands of people gather around the lakefront to see the show. This year's headliners included the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in addition to other civilian and military aircrafts.

Two planes made a heart! :)

I packed some lunches for the beach and navigated our way to a great spot in the sand on North Avenue Beach to see all of the crazy tricks and formations. Not only is it entertaining to see the show, but best of's FREE! What was not so fun was the $20 cab ride back because of all the construction...

After we saw enough of the show, we headed back and stopped by one of my favorite places to stock up on some Riesling, Le Petit Marché. I felt adventurous so I decided to try a new German Riesling by Heinz Eifel. (Funny how I would SO need this later on this week)

When we got home we took a nap until we picked up dinner and indulged in some non-six-pack-ab friendly food. After dinner Josh and I FINALLY saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was everything I thought it would be and more. So whoever didn't like it can shut their faces. I will always be partial to Batman as my fav superhero.

Meanwhile, since my mom was in San Francisco with my grandmother, my dad and I also caught up on some quality time with each other which was great. I would have loved to tag along...however my limited funds fail me yet again. She landed yesterday and brought back some goodies for me. She got these hand-crafted earrings from a boutique in the area from a designer called "Firefly."

On Sunday my future MIL treated me to a new sushi/Chinese buffet restaurant - One Buffet - for dinner while we planned her 25th wedding anniversary party. I must say I have a huge phobia against buffets but I went anyway since I've heard some pretty good things. My phobia is primarily fueled by children putting their grimy hands all over everything, people coughing and sneezing all over the place (I don't care if there are sneeze guards)and food that is just left out for who knows how long.

One Buffet was different though in the sense where you could opt to create a plate full of raw veggies, meat and other things and hand it to the chef to cook for you! It was fantastic and SO delicious. Oh and for the record, I had to deal with a bitch of a Chief Editor during a possible job interview, broke one of my favorite pairs of heels, got charged $800 in back interest on a stupid credit card I was about to completely pay off and I gained two pounds. I'm waiting for the locusts and plague to hit. Angsty? Yes. But nothing a fabulous glass of wine can't cure.

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