Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago

After what started out as a rough  week, it seemed to improve drastically mid-week and definitely looked forward to Saturday. I bought him a Groupon for a Chicago architecture tour for his birthday back in April and we finally found the time to cash in on it and make some reservations. Although we're locals, it's fun to do the touristy stuff and actually educate yourself about your own city. The tour was hosted by Seadog Cruises located right off of Navy Pier. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I looked forward to treating my dad out for a good time.

We got there ahead of schedule so we walked up and down the pier until boarding time taking in all of the great scenery and enjoyed people watching. I personally found it very hard not to follow my nose to the nearest vendor selling funnel cakes and/or ice cream wonderfulness. Those items are not exactly on my "lose 10 more pounds" list. I managed to snag a random person to snap a decent photo of me and my daddy-io. I love him so much, especially for wearing that hat. I don't know what I'd do or who I would be without him.

After playing tourist and taking a million photos of pretty yachts and sailboats, we headed back to snag our tickets for the architecture tour. By that time the sun was out full force and blaring down on us at approximately 94 degrees give or take. We waited in line waiting for the people as they prepped the speed boat for us to board.

Our tour guide - Grant - although very knowledgeable of the city, couldn't have tried harder to be funny as he attempted to plug in some jokes while educating everyone about the windy city's great architecture. He was great though. I personally could never have a job like that rambling off and remembering so many factoids. Something I didn't know was that the largest piece of real estate here in Chicago at a whopping $34 million is a pent house at Trump Tower. Yikes. After the tour, we picked up some speed on the boat and rode around the lake and caught some amazing views of the Chicago skyline.

 After we docked at Navy Pier, we set out for some foodstuffs at Harry Caray's Tavern. We dined outside since it cooled off and kicked back while I assessed the sun damage wreaking havoc on my skin. I may or may not have applied enough SPF. Burn baby burn. My dad feasted on a huge Tavern burger while I was semi-good and got a grilled chicken wrap. I caved though when I saw this delicious concoction that was a frozen lemonade spiked with cherry vodka. It was a little slice of heaven.

As for yesterday, I had to make up for missing my long distance running day so I stick with my training schedule....yeah running 8 miles after a long day at work is just what I need...especially when it's hotter than hell out. BUT I rocked it out in record time thanks to my iPod that kept me going. I'm also back to being extremely strict with myself concerning any empty calories (i.e. wine, lattes, margaritas etc..) For the next 30 days I'm going hardcore with my diet to lose these last 10lbs that are hanging on for dear life. It's go time.

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