Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meet Korra

So my brother-in-law has been wanting to do something nice for my sister to cheer her up since she's been quite sick for a long time. She's had really bad stomach issues and the doctors have yet to diagnose her with anything. It's been years and since this last flair-up, it has yet to subside. Anyway, he let me in on the whole idea and said that he wanted to get her a puppy of her own since their corgy pup is so attached to him. I about died when he said that he got her this Bernese mountain puppy. She came from a farm in Iowa and just arrived at a shelter in the area so he swooped her up asap, got her all things pink (just like my sister would want) and brought her home to meet her new mommy.

I had the pleasure of meeting little Korra do not even do her justice. She is the most adorable puppy ever. At just 10 weeks old, she is definitely a heartbreaker. She has the sweetest personality and is so perfect for my sister. I should probably also mention how jealous I am. These dogs are amazing family dogs and are SO hard to get a hold of. My sister is lucky I didn't snatch her up and make a bee-line for my car to have her for my own. I'll have to settle being an aunty.

THIS is the little pup. *Insert AWWWWWW here*

She's enjoys hopping around the backyard and eating leaves. A simple pup.

These pups get HUGE and in just two weeks she should triple in size so I needed to take an insane amount of puppy photos while I still had time.

When she's not eating leaves or pestering Grizzy, my sister's other dog, she loves a good tummy rub.

She's adjusting to her new home very well and the other animals which is great. Once my sister and Chris had Grizzy and Korra meet outside (common ground) she wasn't sure of him but they were playing around together in no time. They'll be best buds for sure. However right now, he's definitely jealous of her and wants to maintain ALL of the attention.

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