Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Come Away With Me

Yesterday was a mid-week date night with the bestie since my original plan of taking my mom to see Norah Jones for her birthday at the Chicago Theater didn't end up happening. She's currently at the Mayo Clinic with my sis so I made sure to get some over-priced merch for her since she couldn't actually enjoy her present. However I must say, the show was UH-mazing.

The opening act was a local band, Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons. They're a two-person band (guy and a girl) that totally kicked ass. Both of their voices were mesmerizing so I of course had to support them and buy their album. I got it signed and had the opportunity to chat with them for a moment during intermission. I'd definitely pay to see them again! The whole album is great but I'd have to say that two of my favorite songs are "I've Been Accused" and "Never Meant To Love You."

Norah Jones of course was beyond amazing. She is so talented unlike the auto-tuned pop performers out there. Seeing someone live really creates a whole different level of respect for the artist. There's nothing worse than paying to see an artist perform and they end up lip-syncing the WHOLE time. My one slight disappointment was that "4 Broken Hearts" wasn't included in the set list but I'm over it. She pretty much played every other song on her latest album including hits from her previous albums such as "Chasing Pirates" and "Come Away With Me."

She did a great cover of Grateful Dead's "It Must Have Been The Roses" and compromised the set list to also include "Man Of The Hour" which is a hilarious song dedicated to her dog. Now I get to go through a giant Norah Jones phase that will last for at least a couple of weeks. This occurs after seeing any show pretty much.

After staying for one encore we still had time to snag a cab and catch an earlier train. We were determined to make that happen. However, there were NO cabs to be seen!! Oh and did I mention that my umbrella broke and it was freezing rain? Yeah, it was. SO instead we tried to walk it and prayed that we would see an empty cab along the way. We were halfway there and drenched from head to my cute ankle booties when we FINALLY spotted an empty cab. Of course we got a slow cabbie and had no more than five minutes to spare until our train departure. Long story short, we made it and without anyone wiping out while running on tile with wet boots. Win.

Even though I didn't land in bed at a reasonable enough hour to not be dead to the world for work the following morning, it was definitely worth it. Hats off to Norah from Chicago!

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