Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Falling

So my favorite season is just around the corner...okay as far as I'm concerned, IT'S HERE. Why? There are a number of signs that signal the premiere of fall.

1.) Starbucks has unleashed its seasonal drink...THE pumpkin spice latte. It's heaven in a cup and I definitely overdosed on it the first week. Forget how many liquid calories I was consuming, if this liquefied pumpkin pie tasty treat wanted to cling to my thighs and/or be it. I'm willing to suffer the consequences and put in the extra leg work (literally) in order to indulge a little.

2. Once I need to grab a light jacket for my morning commute...YEP summer is over. I love pairing a chic jacket with a cute fall outfit. Burberry trench anyone?

3. Another fall element is the realization that "hey it's cool enough to wear boots." I love these booties that can be paired with anything from skinny jeans to a sweater dress. It's not fall without boots!

4. My sweater dresses are also making their way to the forefront of my closet as well. A cowl neck sweater dress is great for pretty much any occasion.

5. Breaking out the sweaters! There is nothing better than coming home from work and finding your way into a cozy sweater with a glass of wine and a good read. This wool blend poncho sweater is one of my fav fall pieces.

6. Getting ready for Halloween!!! I love decorating my office with cute holiday things and Halloween jump starts the seasonal decor. Nothing is more awesome than a glittery haunted house with some bat ornaments.

7. Of course last but not least, the leaves are starting to change into beautiful colors. What's not so fun is raking all of them up when they fall...but it definitely makes running throughout my neighborhood more beautiful and serene.

I'll soon have to breakout the winter running wear too for those chilly mornings. Although I love my comfy sweaters and boots, adjusting my lungs to the colder weather is another story. I have two short weeks until my first half marathon and after blowing off training last week due to prepping for my cousin's wedding, this afternoon's run was painful even though the sun was out.

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