Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are We There Yet?

SO one year from today, I will be getting married to my binks, my honey bear, my sweety, my honey bunches, (how's that gag reflex going so far?) I'm beyond excited and now we've FINALLY agreed upon a honeymoon destination. I swear my in-laws are THE BEST ever. They pretty much gave us the option to go ANYWHERE we wanted. My brain went into overdrive as I mentally took note of every amazing place I've ever heard of on the Travel channel. Josh's one requirement was that it had to have a beach where he could sit back and lounge....but then that one requirement morphed into other excuses to opt out of my ideas such as "no that place is TOO far away,'s just a dot on Google" to "ummm no, you'll get kidnapped and then I'll have to save you and then they'll kill me." (He's watched Taken too many times). Just when I thought it would be next to impossible to settle on a place we'd BOTH like, we found a resort in the Canary Islands that looked like Paradise.

However....I looked up reviews to the place and what did I find? Reviews filled with lovely comments stating cockroach sitings and rude staff. NO THANKS. I then continued my search and found a couple of resorts in the Virgin Islands. It looked promising. The resorts even had those huts that stretched out into the ocean where you can get massages. Count me in! I notified Josh asap and he AGREED. Looks like this pair of soon-to-be newlyweds will be hitting up the Virgin Islands folks. May turns out to be a great month to go there too since we'll be missing their hurricane season.

I'll also have to make sure to tan before too so I don't spend my honeymoon looking like a fried lobster. This fair complexion is nothing but trouble in the hot sun. But it next year yet? I need to squish my feet into that white sand and splash into the ocean asap. I'm hoping there won't be too many kids there since afterall it WILL be our honeymoon...the last thing I want is to have a romantic moment ruined by some asshole kid who decides to splash us with water or screaming in the next umbrella site over. Am I jerk for saying that? No I don't think so. I want the honeymoon to be peaceful and romantic...not inundated with mini floaty devices and cannon balls. Trip Advisor is great though and while it seems to be a family-friendly place, it is also great for young couples such as us. Win. I can handle a kid or two as long as we can get away from the Brady Bunch crowd.

I feel like the most important wedding plans are pretty much set....the venue, dress and the honeymoon destination haha. In a few weeks we will have our engagement photo session which I'm really excited about.I feel like I'm missing something...I'm not totally tearing my hair out about this whole wedding planning thing...or should I say...yet? Being a journalist I'm used to making appointments, keeping multiple schedules and adhering to crazy deadlines so maybe that's it...that and my unlimited access to coffee. Who am I kidding? It's only a matter of time until my head explodes.

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  1. I want to go to the Virgin Islands so bad. Actually want to do a boating trip where they drop me off at a different island every day to booze!