Friday, May 17, 2013

Welcome Home Fall Out Boy!

Yesterday I got to regress back to my high school days and rocked out to some good ol' Fall Out Boy. Their new album rocks my socks off and hearing it live definitely did not disappoint. The venue was small and intimate and the show sold out seconds after tickets went on sale for their Chicago date. Nothing like a sweet homecoming for this Chicago band! They mixed it up quite nicely with their old and new hits. Fall Out Boy isn't really Josh's music scene but he tagged along since he knew I loved them. We met up with my friend Laura who is another FOB fan.

We opted to stay out of the pit and still had a decent view, although if you are vertically challenged, it wasn't a good option. The opening act, Hollywood Hilt or whatever...yikes...not a fan. He was a good rapper if you're into that kind of music but ummm yeah everyone wanted him to gtfo the stage. If didn't even make sense for him to open for Fall Out Boy either. It's not a crowd you ask to "twerk dat ass".... When he announced his last song, everyone was basically cheering since the end was near. FOB had amazing energy and loved hearing them live. I never got to back in high school. Total win.

Laura and I saw Blink 182 last summer together, so seeing FOB together this year I think is a great start to this trend. I surprisingly still have a voice today and adequate hearing. It was quite a bit of work elbowing some bitches out of the way who tried to finagle their way through to get closer. Not happening. Pet peeve to the max when it comes to shows...if you want a closer spot, get there earlier because you are NOT going to shove your way past me. You will get an the face as I daaaance, daaaance away.

Needless to say, just like any other time post-concert, I will binge on FOB's albums for the next couple of weeks. Also, leave it to my future hubs to be rocking a Hawaiian shirt to a show like this. Goodness I love that man to pieces.

They came back doing one encore starting out with "Save Rock and Roll" one of my fav songs on their new album. After the show ended, all of the hot, sweaty and sticky bodies ventured outside to face the clusterfuck of traffic. Josh was worried his car would get towed, but thankfully it was right where we left it! Phew. One of the battles always to be fought here is parking which is why I ALWAYS favor public transportation. Great music, great amazing night to a summer that is only beginning.

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  1. I'd love to see Fall Out Boy or AFI live. I haven't had the opportunity to go to any concert since 2011, but they'd be near the top of my list.