Saturday, May 25, 2013

For The Visually Impaired

Oh boy, prepare are reading a post of one dissatisfied customer. I'll start from the beginning...SO I got an awesome Groupon deal that allowed for a value of $200 for $50 that was either for prescription sunglasses or regular eyeglasses from Pearle Vision. Now my prior experience with them was not good since their prices are so inflated it's ridiculous, but I figured this Groupon was a good deal. SO I had my eye exam and as expected, my prescription changed a little so I was looking at possible new glasses and sunglasses. Oh. My. Goodness. I have NEVER dealt with such an obnoxious and rude sales representative in my life. Not only did she recommend that I get glasses that had an insane price tag, but whenever I picked out ones for myself she pretty much said they looked bad on me and reverted me back to these "fabulous gems" yeah...those "gems" were more than a damn car payment. Oh but these were "must-haves" and "looked totally fabulous on me." Uh, yeah more like you'll love how "fabulous" your commission would be if you make the sale. Not a chance.

I ended up picking out a pair of cute regular glasses and some sunglasses just to see how much the total would be with my prescription and oh my lord, my debit card was quivering. I couldn't help but laugh. Also, she of course insisted I have all of these add-ons with my prescription that weren't absolutely necessary. She didn't even give me options and said that with MY prescription (which was a normal single-vision prescription) I needed to have all of these things added that of course inflated the price. The price for the two pairs was about $960. Yes you read right. No typo there. Oh and no, these glasses did not speak French either. I told her to then just tally up the total for only the sunglasses since I didn't have prescription sunglasses at all and she was quite taken aback when I didn't want both pairs. She then tried to push it even further saying that with MY prescription I should really get both pairs. At this point, I've had enough. If she even bothered to look at my prescription, she would have seen that it barely even changed and that I was told by the doctor that it wasn't vital that I get new glasses. I walked out of there sans either pair due to how pushy and awful this sales rep was. I simply did NOT want to give them my business because of how ridiculous she acted and was clearly just out for the commission.

I mean I'm sorry, for that price, why don't you just ask me to bend over a little further? I should have gone there before even buying the Groupon, but I'm willing to eat the $50 just so I don't have to deal with them again. It was such an exhausting and irritating ordeal, we walked over to Outback Steakhouse for some emergency martinis and had a great date night dinner.
The following day, I went to this amazing new place called the Eye Boutique nearby and got an amazing deal on a pair of sunglasses and regular glasses that were identical, if not better, than the ones I found from the place from hell. The sales rep was so nice, gave me a huge discount on the second pair of glasses, gave me options and didn't try to upsell anything. I was more than happy to give them my business and I only ended up spending $300 even with add-ons that were more at the other place. My vision insurance even knocked off more on the price of my regular glasses.

For my regular glasses, yes I succumbed to the hipster-type glasses trend and got these Kenneth Cole Reaction frames. I totally love them. I sadly forgot to take photos prior to handing them over for my prescription to be added but they look like this:
For my second pair, I decided to go with GUESS cat eye sunglasses that look totally fabulous and fun.

I can't wait to rock these at the lake and to have a new look with my regular pair of glasses as well. Good customer service goes a long fricken way and had that sales rep not been so obnoxious, she just might have gotten a sale. If I choose to even use my Groupon now, I'll make sure to deal with someone else or go to a different location.

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