Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

For the past week, it's been a monsoon around these parts. Enough already! Luckily the rain stayed away for most of the day so my mom and I could go to the local Farmers Market and go shopping at my favorite shops downtown. We were a little late to the party, but we got some great jarred honey, dill pickles and apple turnover yummies. I'm all for supporting local businesses and call me weird...but I LOVE pickles - especially these. I'm a honey nut too. It's great for you and gives me a great energy boost before my morning runs. (I usually just have a spoonful and go.) Highly suggested!! Putting honey in tea is another great energy booster instead of snagging a sugary soda.

After we got these goodies, we had a delicious lunch at Benedicts La Strata where I feasted on a lovely veggie white omelet with deliciously made lemonade. It definitely hit the spot after my morning run. It was a long run day (7 miles) and did it without music. I figured I should start running sans iPod since I won't be able to run with it for the Spartan race. I thought I was going to have a tough time since my master running playlists really motivate me through each and every mile, but to my surprise, I did great without JLo blaring through my earbuds! Running without my music really enabled me to listen to my breathing more and improved my pace! Refueling was in order!

After lunch we headed over to do some more shopping and to my surprise, we ran into some amazing Blackhawks throwback jerseys. Being a HUGE fan (but jersey-less) I was salivating at the mouth. My mom told me to try on a Hossa one and I fell in love even though it was way too big. She took it from me and handed it over to the cashier...I was in awe and disbelief. I'm definitely spoiled. It came just-in-time too so I could sport it for game one of the playoffs against the LA Kings. I knew it would bring me good luck.

And guess what? IT DID. Hossa even scored a goal in the second quarter (all because of me sporting his jersey of course) and the Blackhawks won 2-1. That Stanley Cup is that much closer, Chicago!!!

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