Monday, June 10, 2013

Live, Laugh, Love

So throughout the whole last week I was obsessing over taking my engagement photos...yes finally! I've been engaged for over a year now so saying that we're taking engagement photos NOW is kind of funny. I suppose it all goes along with having a long engagement though. We were supposed to have our photo a couple weekends ago, but the weather took a nasty turn for the worst (of course) so we needed to postpone. So early Saturday (the new scheduled photo date) my sister and maid of honor came over to help ease my nerves. I'm definitely a Type A personality so this was stressing me out. We went for a much-needed mani/pedi and spent the whole day relaxing and shopping for a bit.

Since my toe incident and my toe nail subsequently falling off, this was my first pedi in MONTHS. Being a runner, I cherish my pedis more than anything. They feel SO good after a long run, especially when I'm training for a race.

Nothing feels better than engaging in some R&R with the big sis. It was one of her "I feel awesome" days too so I couldn't have been happier. 

It was perfect outside and hours before I had to get ready for the engagement photo session so we walked on in to Bossy Boots, an adorable place where I snagged this maxi dress. It's seriously the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. It's actually long enough on me too! Total win. The bottom part of the dress is a sheer black material too that dresses it up a bit. I'm a maxi dress whore that's for sure. They're effortless, chic and feel like pajamas. Need I say more?

Time flew by and before I even knew it, it was time to prep to take some awesome photos. I swear if I'm THIS worked up over taking the engagement photos, I'm going to need a prescription for Xanex when the big day rolls around. I am so anxious to see how they turned out, but here is a teaser shot the photographer posted!

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