Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keep Calm and Family On

This weekend definitely did not start out too swimmingly. I've been battling some kind of sickness so my mornings haven't been that great to deal with let alone finding enough energy to get up and get my workout on. However, when I woke up this morning...I woke up only to realize I was lying in what could be a Law & Order SVU crime scene, had a huge migraine, back cramps, stomach convulsions and stumbled into the bathroom to ever-so-politely toss up my romantic dinner I had with Josh last night. Pardon me while I enter the seventh circle of hell. After I cleaned everything up (all hunched over) I crawled back into bed giving the finger to my motivational workout Pinterest board.

Three hours later, I decided I need to get out of bed to run an errand that didn't require me to get out of my car...SO yes, I snagged my running pants, hoodie sans bra, put my hair up, put on my shades and I actually walked out of the house just like that. I ran my errand, got my sugar-free/skinny vanilla chai latte and booked it back home to watch episodes of The Mindy Project on On Demand.Thank goodness, I started to nurse my way back to health as I laughed myself senseless to Mindy's antics and my Starbucks yummies (good thing too since we'd be having a family event in just a few hours).

Since I haven't seen my cousin in YEARS! I was ecstatic to see him and was so happy that by the time everyone arrived, I was feeling almost 100%. We celebrated my cousin Forrest's 21st birthday (I can't believe he's fricken 21 now) and had loads of fun catching up. Everyone tells me how tall I am, yeah I have nothing on this kid. He makes me feel like a shorty. (He's the one on the far left and my Uncle is on the far right)

He's doing so well in school, has a great girlfriend, and has so many goals he's ready to achieve. He's come so far and I'm SO proud of him. We even shared our first beer together as he rings in his 21st and I don't even drink beer haha.

We also ordered Lou Malnati's and chowed down on that and some delicious cupcakes from a local bakery shop. Skipping my intense workout will NOT be an option tomorrow. If anything cures the sickness out of you, it's the love and laughter that is shared amongst family. Forrest and I walked along the lake to help settle the pizza in our stomachs and soaked up some sun on the dock while we caught up some more. Quite insane how my hellish morning turned into sunshine and awesomeness. Winning.

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