Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Nods & Snubs

So it's Monday and I'm suffering from a severe Grammy hangover. However, I'm sure my head doesn't hurt as much as Taylor Swift's considering all that headbanging she did during her performance and her premature excited face thinking she won Album of the Year. No Taylor, it's time for you to write a breakup song about the Grammy Awards. Oh wait, you can't break up with something you never had. Awkward.

So many good and bad things came out of yesterday night. One amazing thing: Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr shared the stage once again. Excuse me while I freak out a bit. It was awesome. I love my Beatles. I also enjoyed Metallica's performance (wow I didn't realize how old they are now) and NIN's performance although their performance was cut short (eff you CBS, see if I ever give your network ratings ever again). Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' performance was also awesome as about 30 couples got married AT the Grammys. I'm upset that I didn't get an invite. I want Sir Paul McCartney and Katy Perry to be witnesses at my wedding! I'm also glad that Madonna finally decided to accept her age and go with something that covers everything up...could have gone without the cowboy hat though....the fashion overall was atrocious. Sorry Katy Perry...that music note dress fell flat (pun intended) however Taylor Swift's Gucci gown was gorgeous...I hate admitting that. And of course only Sir Paul can get away with wearing denim to the Grammys. 

Apollo was live tweeting the whole can tell how pissed he was when he found out that Daft Punk won Album of the Year. He was happy with Lorde winning Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. Although what was with the black fingertips?

To sum it up, these are my Top 10 Grammy comments:

1.) Beyonce, this was not an audition for a Flashdance remake, you were at the Grammys.
2.) Taylor Swift, sit look like an awkward groupie dancing to every performance.
3.) Yoko Ono, everyone still hates you
4.) Metallica got really old, but they can still dominate the stage (who knew after the garbage they've been  releasing?)
5.) Robots can win Grammys
6.) Miley Cyrus must have been partying it up with her twinsy, Justin Bieber since she was MIA at the Grammys.
7. Katy Perry's performance dancing on a broomstick as if it were a stripper pole was kind of awkward.
8. I'm still bitter about not being one of those 30 couples exchanging vows. (I could have said "I do" next to JT's seat).
9.) Justin Timberlake was snubbed on so many levels. Not happy.
10.) I forgot this was an awards show to begin with considering the handful of awards they actually aired in comparison to the amount of performances.

While we're on the topic of celebrities, has anyone ever been told that they look exactly like a particular famous person? I was approached by a couple of trainers at my gym who said that I look exactly like Lily Rabe from American Horror Story. Not too sure if that's a good thing..but either way, I think they're ridiculous. Aside from the hair, I see zero resemblance.

In other entertainment news, Lana Del Rey just released her single for "Once Upon A Dream" for Maleficent and I just about died. It premiered during the Grammys and my inner 8-year-old, Disney-crazed self screamed and rejoiced. It's also free on Google Play so GET IT NOW! It's amazing and awesome.


  1. Your sense of humor. LOVE it. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. :) you can read the post here :

  2. LOL this made me laugh! Seriously though, JT got snubbed!

    1. He totally did! So unacceptable.