Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Blondie Bride-To-Be

I'm starting off this week with an ice pack on my shin and ailing over the fact that I still have to wear multiple layers if I want to leave the house. You're probably wondering, "why does this chick have an ice pack on her shin?" Well, that's because I bruised a nerve in my shin (owe) by taking off my damn boot. Yes, you read that correctly. My boot slipped as I was trying to take it off with my other foot, and BAM I kicked the front of my shin as hard as I could....which was followed by screams of every kind of obscenity I know in both English and in a few other languages. If I didn't know the heel of my damn boots were made of steel...I know now. Apparently high fashion doesn't only hurt your bank account...*whimper. I suppose I'll have to settle for Netflix marathons and my book hoard to keep me busy...OR I can try to be responsible and just stick to ab and upper body routines until I can go back to my boxing gym...my wedding dress says I should submit to the latter.

But all complaining aside, Josh and I got to visit our venue for the wedding again for our tasting. Thrilled. Any other brides-to-be or those who have gone through the wedding planning experience, know that at some point, you almost want to throw up your hands and elope somewhere to keep your sanity intact. However, visiting the venue again and solidifying so many other details ignited that wedding planning spark again. It's going to be awesome.

However the whole tripping over my dress thing is really worrying me...ya know since I apparently can't even take off my boots these days without injuring myself. We tasted all of our menu options and we were not disappointed in the slightest. Our guests will not go hungry that's for sure. We also sampled items for a sweets table. Everything looked so adorable, I didn't even want to eat it and mess everything up!

I of course sampled everything...because it's not like I'm watching what I'm eating because of my dress and honeymoon in Barbados right? RIGHT? Sigh...I lost this battle...but it was a delicious loss at that. Who can say no to a plate of little mini desserts? Not me. Luckily I also brought my mom and sister along to taste the different entrees or else they'd have to roll me out of the front entrance.

Also, yesterday was my big sister's birthday. Simply put, she's the best. We have five years in between us, yet that age gap means nothing until she starts obsessing over New Kids On The Block and I'm over here screaming about how there needs to be an N'SYNC reunion....


  1. I just came across your blog through the hump day blog hop and I'm so glad that I did! I'm a bride-to-be too and can totally relate to what you said about wanting to throw your hands up at some point and just elope. I am very overwhelmed with all of the stuff that needs to be done. I haven't done the tasting yet either, but I'm very excited for that! When is your wedding? Mine is exactly 5 months from yesterday!!

  2. Hi Ashley! Congratulations to you!!! The big day is May 2! AGH! I've been engaged for like an eternity but I'm so nervous now that it's all coming up so fast!! The tasting was definitely one of my favorite things to do aside from the dress shopping of course :) . I'm definitely following your blog now too!