Sunday, February 16, 2014

All You Need Is Love

What I thought would be a Valentine's Day bust, turned out to be one of the best ever. I stayed home from work since I was sick to my stomach (although being the workaholic that I am I still worked from home and looked like a hot mess). A little later, I found out that Josh was super sick with an even bigger stomach bug, throwing up etc. I was crushed! I needed to see my Valentine stat even if it meant subjecting myself to future quality time with my head hanging over a puke bowl myself.

He went home early from work so I grabbed the nearest can of chicken noodle soup and crackers for him and headed over there (two sickies are better than one). I got to his place and he was as pale as any vampire in Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I gave him his soup, crackers and Valentine's Day card with a voucher for his favorite pumpkin spice cookies that I make since he wouldn't have been able to eat them in his current condition. :(

Then he said to look behind me....and there was a bouquet of beautiful roses! I was shocked. This kid had a high fever, so sick, lost 10lbs on the stomach bug diet and he STILL managed to get me flowers. Not only that, but he also bought me my favorite, chocolate-covered strawberries. Can we get an "AWWWWWE?!" I was speechless and my heart felt all warm and fuzzy. It wasn't necessarily about the pretty flowers and the chocolate, it was the fact that despite him feeling like he got hit by a Metra train, he still wanted to put a smile on my face. Now THAT is love. Forget it Kay Jewelers, every kiss does not begin with K, they begin with a whole lot of love, not a bunch of shiny rocks.

And of course....I ate all of the chocolate-covered strawberries that night, but with grace...just kidding I stuffed my face like any woman who is about to embark on shark week would.

This weekend overall has been pretty low-key. What happens on low-key weekends? Law and Order SVU marathons and working on some projects for my clients. I'm quite shocked that I was able to be productive at all during this Netflix marathon, I should get an award. I also heard that MORE snow is expected tomorrow morning just-in-time for my morning commute. Can I just skip Monday?

What has everyone else been up to this weekend? Any suggestions on what to do while I'm trapped in my four-wheeled prison again? I raise my middle finger at you once again Old Man Winter!!


  1. That is too perfect! Flowers AND strawberries?! He definitely went above and beyond the call of duty!

    And yeah, I would have stuffed my face full of those too!!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Lets see....first off I hope you two are better or at least getting there. and that was very sweet of him. and the strawberries look yummy. The roses are beautiful. What a wonderful man you have. My weekend consist of going to the hospital with my cousin Friday where I stayed 6 hours. Saturday going to a little shop 30 mins away and was very disappointed. today sunday school, church, lunch with the family then shopping 45 minutes away and now here I am. nothing special.

  3. I watch marathons of law and order every other day! I have no idea how I get anything done!! So cute of Josh! And honestly I love how much you appreciated it. Hope you're feeling better!!

  4. aw sounds like a sweet V-day even though you were both sick. and ugh to the snow and commuting - the worst thing ever!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  5. What a guy! Beautiful flowers :) Hope you're both feeling better and survived the snow today! Is it Spring yet?!

  6. haha i love this.. i forgot about shark week! guess i'm gonna have to buy me some chocolates to start it too! ;)

  7. Boo for both of you being sick but it still sounds like you had a perfect night! Ugh, I'm so over winter!

  8. Oh man, that's too bad that you were both sick, but those chocolate covered strawberries look really tasty!