Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Return of the Jedi-Writer

So I've officially missed two whole days of work (a lifetime for what I do) and I'm living off of Jello, Sprite and pretzel rods since it's all I can really stomach at this point. And ya know what? Go right ahead stomach bug, eat away at my insides! See if I care! I have plenty of stomach flab for you to feed on up until my wedding. But really, the most annoying thing about being sick is a.) not being able to work and b.) not hitting the gym! To me, not exercising is like not showering in the morning.

Also when I'm sick, I have little-to-no tolerance for anything. For example, bad song covers. Have you ever heard one of your fav songs covered by someone else and a little part of you just dies inside? American Idol is apparently still on (aren't the ratings low enough yet?) and this one girl decided to completely butcher one of my fav Rolling Stones songs. Why? Just why? My stomach feels like it's going to burst through my throat and now this woman wants me to bleed out of my ears as well? Not nice.


 My first day back was definitely draining since Jello and crackers really doesn't give you a lot of fuel for the day. What was even worse, was that someone heated up tuna in the microwave. Really people? REALLY? I'm about to see my Jello in my trash can. The last thing I want the office to smell like is dirty Pikachu. 

There are many ways I can get my creative, writer juices flowing though and I have zero access to them until I feel better including-but not limited to- 

COFFEE. BOXING. WINE. RUNNING. DANCING. The only thing that has me going right now is good ol' Spotify. It's the only premium service I pay for and it is totally worth it! On the top of my playlist right now is Lorde's entire album, Lana Del Rey, Christina Perri, Muse and Pink Floyd. The only qualm I have with Spotify is that they have yet to obtain the rights to The Beatles. 

Apollo makes it so easy to do anything as you can see. "Oh am I in your way? Sorry not sorry."

The only exciting thing that came out of today was that temps were ABOVE freezing! 40 fricken degrees everyone!! Breakout the bikinis! The flip-flops! I'm ready!!! 

Also, in the spirit of blog hop Wednesday, hop on over to my fellow blondie's blog, Fitness Blondie and co-host  Georgina!



  1. I love everything about this post... "dirty Pikachu"? hilarious. A+ gif usage, too
    Hope you feel better soon :) Keep ragin' until you can keep some real food down!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Ew for someone heating up tuna. I can't imagine how much sicker that must have made you feel.

  3. I hope you feel better! I don't have the patience for anything when I'm sick either!

  4. Feel better!!

    xo, Al

  5. Stinks you're not feeling well after so many days! All I want to eat for DAYS after I feel the slightest stomach ache is the BRAT diet, lol. I take extra precautions not to get sick!

  6. How sweet are you linking to my blog, thank you!!!
    I hope you feel better ASAP (we have similar thoughts regarding the effect stomach bugs have on our weight!) I cannot stand that people think it's okay to heat up ANY kind of fish in a communal kitchen. Like really!????????? xo

  7. Why are people so RUDE?!? That smell is nauseating even when I'm well. Hope you start to feel better soon!

  8. Oh you poor thing, stomach bugs are the worst! I got one two years ago on Thanksgiving at my in-laws house and it was the WORST... so embarrassing but I was so sick that we couldn't even leave to get in the car to go home. I hope you're feeling better... and EW, who would heat up tuna in the microwave at work? We have a strict "no seafood in the microwave" rule at my office.

  9. heck I've missed 5 days of blog and reading blogs and you'd think the world is coming to an end.