Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Love List

In the spirit of Valentine's Day coming up, I figured I'd list a few things in my life that have my heart bursting at the seams with love and warm fuzzies. Speaking of warm fuzzies, I'll start off the list with my two fav fuzzballs two kitties, Apollo and Luigi.

Luigi loves everyone and acts like a dog and Apollo (the fluffy one) decides whether or not he'll LET you love him. He's very picky. However, if you lure him over with turkey slices...the odds just might be in your favor. A jingly ball also tends to do the trick.

Josh (my future hubs) of course needs to be on this list. He puts up with all sorts of shenanigans including my frequent breakdowns with the wedding planning and me being a stress case since I have so much going on right now. It's really important to have someone in your life that can just give you a hug and a kiss and say, "honey, stop freaking out, it'll be fine. The world isn't going to end." (Even though I feel like it is).

He's stuck by me for eight whole years and will soon restart the clock as hubs and wife!

 My fam is another reason why I have a whole lot of love in my life! We've gone through some tough health issues this past year and it's only strengthened our family bond. I also can't make it throughout the day without texting my older sis. I love them. I love them so much, I'm not a best-selling author right now since I decided not to publish the craziness that goes on sometimes. But maybe one out David Sedaris!

My girlfriends also complete my life. When Josh would rather not hear me complain about my shark week , chick flicks and couldn't care less about double points at Nordstrom, there they are. They mean even more to me since I've met each one at different stages of my life dating all the way back to when boys had cooties and I when I thought it would be a grand idea to dye my hair bright red (worst idea ever). It's the very reason why they will all be accompanying me front and center as I say "I do." (Some not pictured!)

As for more of the materialistic, smaller things in life that I just love? is one of them. It is the very thing that got me through journalism school, my internships with the newspaper and meeting so many deadlines. Here's to you, Starbucks. I owe you one...for every single day I didn't smack my forehead against the keyboard out of pure exhaustion and lack of sleep. Cheers.

 Another love is my career. My career is very dear to me. I've worked my ass off for it (see above) and I love what I do. I'm blessed to have a job in the field I got my degree in. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Also without it, I wouldn't be able to pay back my million dollars worth of student loans and feed my shopping addiction. All very important things.

Especially nowadays...I miss and LOVE those hot, summer days at the lake. Can we bring those back asap please? I'm not made for this polar bear weather. At this point, anything slightly above freezing and I'm breaking out the shorts and flip flops. Just try and stop me.

Next, but not least, is working out. Yes...I love working out even though it can get in the way sometimes. If the past year taught me anything, it's to stay on top of my health and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And not to mention it is the BEST way to relieve stress and to clear your head. I deal with a lot of stupid throughout the day, so this is a must. Nothing like swinging some kettlebells around to relieve that mental anguish. Plus, I love pasta and wine too much not to work out on a daily basis.

Making this list has got to end I'll sum up the rest of my love list with books, obsessing over new music, wine, getting a massage with a non-chatty masseuse, finding the perfect outfit, traveling, learning new things, finding a $10 bill in your pocket while doing laundry, getting a new PR, running races for a good cause..the list goes on and on!

Valentine's Day can really bring out the bitterness or best in people depending on your relationship status I suppose. But if you don't have a Valentine, Apollo and Luigi are single and have a lot of love to give. Seriously, they need dates. All they do is sleep all day.

 What are some things on YOUR love list???

Also, it's blog hop Wednesday with Fitness Blondie and co-host Whitney!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Oh and just a reminder to all of you amazing, beautiful people out there....I was nominated for 20SB's Bootleg Award! So cast your vote here and show me some love this Valentine's Day! Round 1 is almost up! :) If you vote, you just might be able to expect a puppy in the mail or whatever you fancy...Adam Levine? Shirtless? Pantsless? I'll try my best to make things happen.


  1. Love this list.. I wish I found a love for working out.. I tried the gym & home stuff but cant keep to it.. next I am hoping I can find my love of running again. You & the future hubby are one sexy couple & just remember with wedding planning, everything could fall apart on the day of but as long as you two become husband & wife that is all that matters. Your love will not change because your wedding wasn't perfect. Hang in there!!

    ps. your comments are set to no-reply blogger :( so i couldnt email you bac from the comment u left me
    Happy Hump Day

  2. Aww I love your list of loves :) I think my list would look very similar to yours, minus the career part. I went back to school to get may Master's so I'm currently in the "why did I do this to myself" phase haha

  3. That picture of you and Josh is so cute! I'm been stressing out planning my wedding too. When is yours?

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  4. Valentine's Day brings out the worst in me, even though I love my boyfriend to death. It's not because of him. It's because of other people. It's all the girls who have turned Valentine's Day into a competition. When having a nice dinner just "doesn't cut it" and the response to that is, "You mean, he didn't get you anything? You just had dinner?" Not cool.

    But I like your love list! Your kitties are so cute! I love that you and your love have been together for eight years! And I love that you love your career! It's nice to hear someone say that!

  5. OMG that picture of you and the SOON TO BE HUBS is the cutest ever.. red dress and heels, you are after my heart! And yes our babies need a play date so bad!

  6. such a cute post! i LOVE the photo of you with the balloons, so beautiful!

  7. i have a valentine but can i still cuddle with your cute kitties?