Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Epic Birthday

This year, my birthday was nothing short of epic amazingness. Let's start with the fact that my birthday landed on a fricken Saturday this year. This never happens. I actually got to enjoy and spend my day however the hell I wanted. Although birthday happenings started with the bestie on Friday night. I've missed her terribly since she was on a medical mission in the Philippines as part of her nursing school program. (Yes she's kind of a big deal and I admire her so much for going through SO much while she was there). I was in awe hearing about all of the people she helped and the stories. Also, the second I walked in the door, I was greeted with a birthday card and a heart-shaped brownie. I was already in heaven and I figured that was more than enough. I was so happy to see her back....and then...she whipped out my birthday gift. One word....BURBERRY. I gasped, I screamed...I may have even peed in my pants a little.

 So let's recap. I got chocolate and a Burberry handbag and clutch. Apparently I won an express ticket to birthday heaven. I was speechless and that never happens. What can I say? This girl loves her labels. She also brought back a couple of souvenirs from the Philippines including two seashell bracelets from this village she visited.We caught up for hours and laughed ourselves to tears as usual.

I went to bed ready to wake up in amazing spirits. I got up bright and early to hit the gym. I like to start my days kicking ass. As a birthday present, my gym let me pick out new boxing wraps and at the end of the workout, the trainer had us all do leg lifts and spell out each letter in "happy birthday Emily" in my honor. I felt so special and the class hated me haha...oooh I can still feel the burn in my abs...

After a great workout, I showered up and met up with my older sis at Starbucks where she greeted me with my signature drink and more gifts. I am loved. Seriously, I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing people in my life. She got me the biggest, most amazing mug ever. I was born in the year of the dragon and I just loved everything about this gift. My sis also spoiled me with a Snoopy sweater (I'm obsessed with Peanuts) and a lefty-friendly calendar (fricken hilarious). I'm telling you, the important people in my life have my personality and likes nailed.

At this point, I'm happier than Kim Kardashian after she peed on a stick and found out that she locked in Kanye for 18 years. I mean come on, I couldn't ask for more. What's next? Is Justin Timberlake going to pop out of a birthday cake in a tie? He can forget the suit. Okay maybe that's a stretch. After we had some quality sister time and sucked down our lattes, we departed so I could pick up my lovely Josh and head out to Mago for my birthday dinner. This place is my absolute favorite. Mago has THE BEST margaritas and what is a birthday without margaritas? Now I had everything. My family and awesome food.

After we stuffed our faces with amazing food and a couple of margaritas later, I was surrounded by the good people of Mago and was crowned with a sombrero as they sang happy birthday to me. Floored.

It's official, this has been the best birthday ever. The sombrero topped it off. Not going to lie, I rock the hell out of that thing too. My parents were beyond generous with their gifts as well. My favorite was the beautiful, Swarovski charm bracelet...and what? What is this??? A fricken PANDA charm to go with it??? This is all too much guys, really. For those of you who don't know, I'm obsessed with pandas. They're the shit. They're the cutest creatures on this earth. I DID have a red panda on my birthday wish list, but since it would most likely upset Apollo and Luigi....this is the next best thing. ;-)

I really don't know what I'd do without my family and friends. They complete my epic birthday. Josh also surprised me with a weekend getaway that will happen in mid-April which is PERFECT since I will most likely be ripping my hair out with final wedding details by then and will need a nice break. How perfect is he? Pretty perfect.

After indulging in some dessert, we headed home in yet another snowstorm. (I don't believe I ordered snow for my birthday.) When I got home I was finally starting to wind down from this fabulous day and watched other 20-somethings in the Olympics win medals in their sport...and there I was...just stuffing my face some more with a birthday cupcake. Can that be an Olympic sport? It should be.

Cheers all!


  1. Girl, you and I are so much alike. I love this. You literally had a fan-freaking-tastic birthday. You have to be feeling so blessed. And Burberry then Swarvoski... girlfriend! Yes! And I love how you started your birthday with a workout. So awesome Happy birthday honey.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Oh my goodness yes! I feel so very blessed. I'm so happy I didn't skip any workouts either considering how many margaritas I went through haha. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I couldn't reply by email because you're a "no-reply" commenter so I figured I'd reply here. I'm glad you agree with me about Valentine's Day! Way too commercialized!

    Also, happy belated birthday!! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday and you're seriously loved! Your gym is so awesome for hooking you up with new boxing wraps. Boxing must be so awesome! I've never done it but I should learn! Can't wait to hear about your weekend getaway in April!

    1. Sorry about the "no-reply" commenter status! I fixed it! :) I had no idea how to fix that until I looked it up haha.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! Boxing is definitely my favorite kind of workout next to kettlebells. It's really easy to learn and you can go at your own pace which is great. I highly suggest it!

  3. Boxing sounds like it would be so much fun! The only cardio I've ever actually been able to get into was TaeBo. Cheesy, I know... but it was FUN!

  4. What a birthday! It sounds absolutely epic in every way, especially being surrounded by friends and family that understand and know what you like. I laughed out loud at the Kim K joke---your writing is so funny and fresh!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday. Happy Belated one! :)

  6. WOW! Epic birthday, indeed! =)