Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wedding High

For any brides-to-be out there, you may or may not know of the "wedding high." It's a lot better than the "wedding low" that tends to come around when you're trying to rally up the bridal party for fittings or trying to convince your fiancee that yes, those linens WILL look the post *bridezilla stare*. Josh and I went to our venue's open house last night and it was BEYOND amazing. We were so impressed and it was so helpful to see so many table variations set up with different linens and centerpieces. I'm so glad we went since we could try pretty much every hors d'oeuvre, dessert, cake and other foodstuffs that the venue has to offer. We already had our tasting, but since we dove into those cake samples, we can already skip the cake tasting since we got to try out most of the options there! I'm all for cutting down on long appointments as much as possible. This my a wedding high that will last me for quite some time.

My mom and sister accompanied us and my sister was in full-blown MOH mode. She was on top of her game. She came with her iPad and iPhone in-hand to take snapshots of EVERYTHING. Who could ask for more? I highly suggest ANY bridal couple to attend an open house for venues in your area or in the area where you'd like your reception to be. It takes the guess work out of so much. Photos in the million bridal magazines you'll accumulate just won't match up to seeing things in person. Plus, this one was free! I'm not sure if all open houses are free of charge, but you would be silly to opt out of a free event like this one! I mean come on...amazing crab legs and champagne glasses with a little floating heart in them? Yes please! They had me at "free open bar."

They also had the best sweets table complete with everything that my dress would hate me for...i.e. cheesecake, chocolate-covered strawberries, little tiny pies and even a fricken chocolate fountain (we totally already signed up for that one). They had other vendors there as well for transportation services, music and a raffle to win wedding bands! I was always satisfied with our choice to go with this venue, but this event totally reassured me that we made the right decision. *Insert bride giddiness here*

How can you not stuff your face with this table of amazingness?

I wanted to try everything...

I amaze myself with how much self-control I have. That little round, sweet thing right there is a mini lemon meringue's sickening how cute it is...just look at it.

 Various stations were set up so you could create your own pasta dish, steak or seafood. I was in heaven. I'll have one of everything please? Okay, thanks. It's not like I have an alterations appointment coming up anytime soon. My stomach needs me right now. 

It was also hilarious to overhear some bride/mom convos while I was waiting in line for everything that is delicious in this world (shrimp with cocktail sauce and other amazing seafood). I'm pretty sure I heard another bride breakdown in line because her mom didn't approve of the flowers she wanted and another who was laying down the law regarding those napkin folds. Yes, free food AND entertainment! I never got tired of answering the question, "are you the bride?" Why yes I am good sir! Now onto the centerpieces that I decided on...gorgeous? Yes. Perfect for the ambiance we're shooting for. Classy/awesomeness. 

I didn't know I could be any more excited about the big day, but apparently so! Now here I am making my VIP playlist for the DJ and more than half of the songs are 90's hits...I see zero problem with that. Time to put my dancing shoes on!


  1. Everything looks beautiful. And a free open bar? Sign me up. I cannot get over how scrumptious the food looks too. Those chocolate moose looking desserts? Wow!

  2. That looks like so much fun!!! That food!!! Yum!!!!

  3. That FOOD! Kinda want to pretend I'm getting married and go to one of these... haha!

  4. I'm so excited for you!! My future sister in law is planning her wedding right now and as the MoH I've been doing a lot of the helping (my brother sucks haha j/k) So even though it's not my wedding I can totally relate to the wedding high via being alongside. I'm glad your venue is just as awesome as you were hopin!

  5. So exciting! I can't wait to do my tasting! When is your wedding?

  6. I love your blog