Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars Weekend Wrap-Up

So last night was the Oscars and if any of you were fans of American Hustle, you're very bitter today too. Poor Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed yet again by the Academy, although that was to be expected. Although Leo's ability to act like a drug addict was quite impressive, no Oscar for you. Try again next year. I did however feel bad for Jonah Hill, although he had no chance against Jared Leto. I knew 12 Years A Slave was going to win best picture too, although I was secretly hoping that American Hustle would. Here are my top 10 Oscar highlights that made it all worth watching.

1. Ellen DeGeneres. She should just host everything from now on.
2. Jennifer Lawrence faceplanting while stepping out of her limo
3. Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey distributing paper plates and pizza to other A-listers
4. My fiancee confusing Kim Basinger with Bette Midler's performance
5. Awright, Awright, Awright
6. People actually had noteworthy acceptance speeches, they actually apologized for having paper in front of them instead of the classic "omg I don't have a speech prepared"
7. Chris Hemsworth...because...Chris Hemsworth
8. The mass selfie that Ellen took that crashed Twitter (thank you for making my life complete)

9. Goldie Hawn showing us that you can still smile despite how many botox injections you've had
10. All of the awkward mispronunciations (i.e. John Travolta calling Idina Menzel, "Adele Dazim" close enough right?

This weekend was overall just crazy. Between working on my huge project for work, seeing Josh's sister's play and managing some other client work, I'm lucky I got more than a few hours of sleep each night! Make that a triple shot of espresso, good sir.

Josh's sister was great in her play though. She's part of a production group outside of school called Spotlight and she's really found her niche in chorus and being in theater. I give her SO much cred for going up there and doing her thing. Although it seems to feel so natural for her, I could NEVER go up on stage in front of so many people and remember all sorts of lines. Just forget it. I'm lucky if I can remember what I had for breakfast that morning. I'm sure I'll be seeing her accept her Oscar or Tony award in the future. I'm such a proud future sis-in-law.

Josh and I did have one night to ourselves though which felt amazing. There's nothing like enjoying a fancy dinner with your other half and discussing wedding plans. TWO MONTHS PEOPLE. And as if you haven't noticed already, I'll probably be including a wedding countdown in basically every other post until this event of the year actually happens. What can I say? I love the guy and I'm ridiculously excited.

Let's not forget that my dress fitting is in a couple of weeks and that wine glass pictured above HAS to be my last. No more empty cals for this one! Or at least I can try....I might be just setting myself up for failure. HOWEVER I will be eating clean and sticking to my workouts as planned...unless Brad Pitt decides to come over and serve me a slice of pizza. Then how can I decline? That would just be rude.

How was your weekend, my fabulous bloggers??? Are you as dead to the world as I am today? Hopefully not. :D


  1. I didn't watch the Oscars this year and kind of regret it because it seems like there was some good stuff. Granted, I haven't seen most of the movies nominated, but what are you going to do?

    Ellen should indeed host everything ever. She's great.

    Also, congrats on the almost-wedding! Two months is no time at all. My friend is getting married in June and I feel like even that is going to be here practically by tomorrow, or so it will seem.

  2. Love Ellen! Interesting winners this year,eh? Performers are amazing-I've seen Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat as a theatrical production and loved it. Going out to dinner is all I need to have a fun evening. Lookin' forward to some fun wedding prep posts!

    1. I agree! These performers are all younger too from little kids to high school and they're all so passionate about what they do! It's so great to see :). I just got my wedding shoes in today and I'm SO excited!!

  3. Ah! I loved Ellen as the host! Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, and I love that she always makes an ass out of herself at these things. It reminds me that some of those celebrities are real people too. Also, did you see the selfie Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Kimmel tweeted? Spacey said he wanted to compete with Ellen's selfie re-tweets. I'm totally obsessed with his work, and I have been watching so much House of Cards lately that I was weirded out to hear him talk without his Frank Underwood southern drawl.

    1. Ooops. Why does my comment look so weird. Oh well.

  4. I didn't watch this year but the moment I found out that Kevin Spacey was popping up everywhere I started watching! I just cannot get enough of that guy. It was weird though to hear him talk without the accent!

  5. I totally missed J.Law face planting but I've heard EVERYONE talking about it! I gotta hand it to the girl, she isn't graceful at all but man does she play it off well! Chris Hemsworth... *sigh* no other words needed! :) I should probably give up wine for a few weeks to get ready for bikini season but every time I say I'm going to give up wine for a bit I end up with a glass of wine in my hands the next day... LOL! And if Brad Pitt offers you a slice of pizza it doesn't count as calories! ;)

    <3, Pamela

  6. Came back from vacation, and I feel like I missed everything. Caught a bit of the Oscars; ELLEN IS AMAZING! <3 her. And yes ma'am, dead to the world here.

    1. I always feel so disconnected too after I'm on vacation! I'm so jealous of you though. I need a vacation asap!

  7. J Law fell out of her limo?! Bahahah! What is it with that girl falling at the Oscars?!

  8. From what I saw of it, Ellen did a great job of hosting, I absolutely love the selfie and am even more in love with Bradley Cooper now then I already was! I adore seeing all the beautiful gowns the stars wear and it's pretty enjoyable to see the awful ones too! I felt so sorry for poor Leo as well! XxxX