Friday, April 18, 2014

Amen to Friday Favorites

Where did this week go??? Time seems to be traveling faster and faster and I can't get things done fast enough! HOWEVER, I will never complain about it being Friday. Amen, sister. Now let's roll out some Friday favs!

1. Cats. Cats get a bad rep sometimes and I'm a crazy cat lady, no shame. These mischievous little fuzzballs need love too! SO I decided that my cats will make it to the top of the list this week. Particularly Apollo's love for shoes. (He's definitely my cat). A friend of mine now gives him mini flip-flops on the reg so he can carry them with him at all times. I'm sure my other kitty Luigi thinks he's challenged. He's now in super fluff mode too. He saves me a lot of $$$ on Swiffers. If you try to take his mini flippies away from better sleep with one eye open.

 Can't forget my second furball....rather than hoarding shoes, he'd rather watch Law & Order SVU marathons with me on Netflix.


2. Getting my marriage license. Josh and I are one step closer to saying our "I dos!" I get so many random bursts of excitement throughout the day, I have to make sure I don't pee myself.

3. Thoughts of the Bachelorette party THIS WEEKEND. I have every expectation to get white girl wasted and engage in white girl dancing. I get an even bigger kick out of the fact that the following day is Easter and I have to eventually make myself look presentable the following day. Sunglasses, comfy dress and flats...check.

4. Kicking a cold's ass via working out. I've had THE worst sinus thing going on and feeling very mopey and achy...which means...crap...I'm getting sick. HOWEVER it seems as though that I've sweated out any lerking bacteria in my bod since I feel flippin' AWESOME today. Minus a few snifflies. I also beat one of the trainers during a plank arm-wrestling match with my WEAK hand. Bitch be fabulous.

5. Awkward. Remember MTV? That network that used to play music? Yeah I just discovered this show called Awkward that's already been on for a million years and it's fricken hilarious. How have I not seen this show before now? It seriously had me rolling. Check it now.

This weekend is seriously going to rock it. Oh and thanks to Amanda at Voyage of the MeeMee, myself and all of my ladies will be rocking out to the Bachelorette Pandora station while we waste our livers away! Hooray!!! 

What other shenanigans are you guys up to this weekend??


  1. YAY for getting your marriage license!!! Hope you have an amazing bachelorette party weekend! Haha love the cat thing... I'm obsessed with my fur baby so I know how you feel!

    <3, Pamela

    1. Thank you!! My cats are crazy little fluffs with different personalities that's for sure haha. Happy Friday!! :)

  2. every time i read the phrase "White girl wasted" i laugh. i actually never heard of that term until another blogger explained it to me a couple of month ago and now i wish we had something like chinese girl wasted but chinese bitches don't drink and that's not hilarious.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Have an amazing bachelorette party! Please, now that we're snap friends, share the madness with me! I'll be at home in pajamas!

  4. haha girlfriend you are cracking me up. I love me some cats (crazy cat chick here too). Congrats on your marriage license and you better throw down DIS WEEKEEEENDDDDD

  5. OMG your kitty is so fluffy and amazing! I love him. I used to have a cat that had a shoe addiction. She would lay over all the shoes in the living room and get pissed if you tried to pick them up. I love your cats already. I hope that's not weird.

  6. Love your Friday Fives. Your kitties are cute! Yay for the marriage liscence!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Awkward is one of my favorite shows ever. If you can, start from the beginning! The humor is so good.

  8. You are the second person to mention how hilarious Awkward is this week. I have never heard of it before that and I am going to have to investigate this!

    I am a huge dog person...but I have a love for all the furry critters. We are actually getting two kittens in a few weeks after they are done feeding with the my blog will probably be taken over my kittens for awhile.

    Have fun getting white girl wasted!!!!!!!

  9. Your cat with the flip flops is too funny! Have so much fun at your bachelorette party!!

    Crumbs & Curls

  10. Gahhhh... I can't wait to hear all about your bachelorette party!!!!

  11. Hope you have the best time at your bachelorette party!!

  12. Yay for marriage licenses and bachelorette parties! Marriage and parties--two of the best things in life! :) Have so much fun! So glad you stopped by earlier :)

  13. Yay for your marriage license!!! And your kitty with the flip flops... TOO cute!!

  14. Bachelorette party weekend .... have a super good time!!!

  15. Stopping by from the linkup- love your 5! And congrats on getting your marriage license!! Such an exciting time - xoxo.

  16. Oh I hear you on #3 — I turned 21 right before Easter a couple of years back. Needless to say the family photos from that year aren't framed anywhere :) have an awesome weekend!

  17. have an awesome time at your bachelorette! can't wait to read about it :)

  18. I love cats too:)! Oh and so exciting about you marriage license! Congrats girl, exciting times to come!!