Monday, May 12, 2014

Chasing The Sun...and My Sanity

Holy effing lord I felt like kissing the very ground I walked on when we landed in flippin' Chicago Sunday afternoon. Before I get into the pretty photos from the honeymoon, this experience must be shared.

So the hubs and I woke up Saturday morning, packed and headed off to the airport to leave sunny Barbados. Sad face. We eventually boarded our flight, sat down...and waited for lift off...and waited...and waited....ahem...yeah apparently there seemed to be a "maintenance issue" and the pilot reported that he would keep us updated in 15 minutes...yeah half an hour later...there was a "computer system problem" that needed to be fixed...2.5 EFFING HOURS LATER as I was on my last thread of patience...

I could have used some rum punch after the first half hour of that full flight...the flight attendants gave out gross granola bars and zero complimentary drinks (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) or actual food.

So since it was four hours to Miami, we were on that damn plane for a little over six which I asked myself, what circle of hell am I in right now? Josh was pretty confident that we could still possibly run to our connecting flight to Chicago...and then the pilot announced that someone was occupying our gate and we had to wait until they left...I was ready to smack a bitch. Seriously? What else could go wrong?

 After everyone took exceptionally long to gtfo of the plane, we got our luggage, ran off that plane, went through customs and several check points to still try and make this damn flight.

However...when we got to the last check point...which was a huge line...we finally realized that there was no way we were going to make that flight home. #killme. Why in the world does Miami have to be so huge? I want a Finishers medal for that flippin' run with my luggage! Josh & Emily: 0, Miami airport: 1.Can I just at least get a sympathy applause for the strong effort?

 The airline hooked us up with a new flight, hotel accommodations and food vouchers for the severe inconvenience...we checked into our hotel, ordered pizza since we had nothing but a packet of hummus and pita chips all day, stuffed our faces and passed out on the bed until our 9am flight and it left ON TIME!! See ya, Miami!!

After a few hours, we landed in Chicago and boom we were home. Josh and I rejoiced, danced in our seats and fist pumped in the air for good measure.

It was a smooth transition weather-wise since it was a hot 80 flippin' degrees when we landed! Wahoo!! Josh's Dad picked us up and away we went back home to celebrate Mother's Day. I hope you all had a great one!! I sure wouldn't know what I would do without my mom. She always goes above and beyond for the family and she helped make the wedding go so amazingly well!

Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over though, time for our next big adventure! HOUSE HUNTING!


  1. Good luck on house hunting. I am closing on my 1st house in a few weeks.

  2. At least I'm 200% sure that the actual honeymoon was better than the trip back!

  3. Can't wait to hear all about the parts leading up to that flight home!

  4. Oh crazy flights. As least for technical or mechanical errors they put you up. When it's weather related you are on your own aka living in the airport and that HELLA sucks! Glad you had such a wonderful vacay!

  5. GIRL - that sounds hectic!!!! Yikes!! But I am SO excited to hear about how your house hunting goes - too fun!!! Xo

  6. cheeeeers to getting on Chitown ground! We had a bad experience like that over thanksgiving but we did not get vouchers!

  7. NOOOOOOOOO!! I HATE flight delays. I absolutely lose my crap when flights are delayed. I am basically a drunk Vicky!

  8. Yowza!!!!!!!!!!! I hate dealing with that crap when I'm traveling. At least the honeymoon itself was great!!

  9. uch, been there done that unfortunately - not in that airport, but bloody hell that annoys me when shit like that happens. argh. at least you got a hotel and whatnot! have a great week :)

  10. What a journey! Yes, it would have been more tolerable with rum punch (one of our faves). OOOO house hunting. That is the best! Looking forward to photos!!

  11. Holy hell that sounds like it was awful! Flights to and from Guam are about 8 hours long so the food and drinks are complimentary. Next time, just give in to the rum! Lol.

    And house hunting! Yay! Cheers to your next adventure!!

    ♥ Duckie.