Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet Mrs. Guenther!

So I thought I'd drop in tonight to update you lovelies as to how amazing the wedding went and how the honeymoon is paradise...seriously. I might not leave. I want the ocean in my backyard always.

Of course I need to wait until the official wedding photos come in... But here is a sneak peak..

The only downer was that it was raining so we couldn't take photos at this awesome Arboretum...BUT I wouldn't have wanted to get my dress all wet and nasties before the ceremony anyway since it was raining all flippin' week! I'll just called it good luck and got over it. I can't believe I got through the ceremony without breaking down in tears. Major win. 

This was moments before getting into my dress! It really did go by fast, but I made sure to take a step back and take it all in several times throughout the night.

Everyone came up to Josh and me saying how great of a time they had and I couldn't have been happier. Seeing all of our friends and family together in one room was the most fabulous thing ever. We danced, some drank too much..., laughs were shared, advice was given and some of the most heartwarming speeches took place. Josh's younger brother had everyone in tears. I'll go into more detail later.

The first flight to Miami was a nightmare. We had to circle around in the air for an additional effing hour until the weather cleared more. Poor Josh threw up. It was bad. BUT we luckily caught our connecting flight in time to our final destination. The fricken taxi driver was a maniac...and that's really saying something considering the drivers I've encountered in Chicago...

We landed late that night so we couldn't see the view from our hotel room or anything.....but that morning...I woke up to this. It was like Christmas morning.

Needless to say, we made our way down to the beach...ASAP.

This is my first time sinking my feet into the ocean so to say I was acting like an untraveled child would be accurate.

My first drink was vodka out of a fricken coconut. Now THIS is living. And I get to experience all of this with my hubs! And nope I never get tired of hearing, "anything for your husband?" While ordering drinks at 11am. 

They're going to have to drag me onto the flight back home....this is just too good. I have yet to run into Rihanna...until next time...signing out Barbados style! And yep I did burn already and aloe is "illegal" here because it ruins the hotel's solution...more rum?


  1. GAHHHHHHHHH!!! So exciting! You were a STUNNING bride!!!! :D Enjoy that honeymoon, girly!

  2. Can't believe you're blogging on your honeymoon! Get back to paradise, beauty queen!!!

  3. Amazing!!! And you are beautiful! Good luck trying to make yourself come back home!!!

  4. ahhh cheers to being a mrs :)

  5. You look stunning in your sneak peak!!! Enjoy all the sun and beach as much as you can!!!

  6. That looks amazing!!! Can't wait to hear about the details of the wedding!

  7. Ahhh congrats! You look stunning! Enjoy the honeymoon :)

  8. Aloe is illegal? WTH!

    It looks gorgeous there! Enjoy!

    You were stunning at the wedding.

  9. You looked amazing!!! Aloe is illegal???? Crazy!! Have fun!

  10. What? Aloe is illegal? What is their alternative? Stay out of the sun? Douchebags.

    And holy crap congratulations!!!!!! I cannot wait to read more about it all! Btw, you should totally just live in Miami.