Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy's Girl

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day yesterday! He's the best dad around, but hey of course I'm a little biased.

I must say, the morning was rough. My dad gets up REALLY early and I wanted to make breakfast for him with all of his favorites so the fact that I stayed up until 2a.m. binging on Orange Is The New Black was probably not a good idea. You want to know what else wasn't a good idea? Starting to watch it with my dad earlier that night. Because everyone wants to watch lesbian cellmate hook-ups with their dad....#awkward #killmenow #shouldhavebeenwarned.

Thank the lord that didn't last much longer. Anyway, back to breakfast. My daddio loved it and my sister and I took him to go see How to Train Your Dragon because we're all kids at heart. Don't judge. That movie was fricken adorable and ummm nothing like going from one extreme to another.

I need kids so I can have more of an excuse to see movies like these. 

After the movie my sister made her delicious pasta/salmon dish and I of course stuffed my face with a serving size that could feed an army. She used gluten-free wheat pasta though that tasted just like the regular stuff! Amazing. Go out and buy it now, pasta lovers!

After a successful Father's Day spoiling my dad, I found out that the new Lana Del Rey album leaked and I just about did so in my pants. She's probably one of the most understated artists around. LOVE it. Luigi however wasn't loving that he didn't score any leftover salmon from dinner. Such a hard life...all of those cat naps.

He got his payback though. I let him read my ELLE mag...he has a thing for Angelina Jolie. Face-pawed. Rude. 

Lately I've been getting more questions than answers and I'm DYING to get some answers. Thank goodness running and yoga seems to keep me from going crazy! One good thing though is that the hubs and I might be going to Vegas in October! This will be my first time there so I need some tips! 

How was everyone else's weekend?? Is anyone else binging on Orange Is The New Black like Nutella and crackers? 


  1. OMG I would die watching OITNB with my dad! Love your kitty pushing you aside! I also love Vegas so let me know what you're looking for and I can give you a list a mile long!

  2. I still haven't watched any OITNB, I am always so behind on the tav watching scene. Vegas is amaze! You guys will have so much fun.

  3. Those selfies with your cat are adorable!

    Haha, I couldn't imagine watching Orange is the New Black with my dad. I love that he takes selfies with you! :)

  4. I don't remember much about my trip to Vegas... if you want to sleep at all get a hotel OFF the strip and take a cab in each day. It's waaaayyyy cheaper to do that, plus you have a little "ahh" moment when you get out of all the craziness each night.
    OitNB is my crack. I'm devastated that I can't see a new episode until 2015.

  5. lezbehonest you didn't like watching that with your dad?!?!?

  6. Guh I finished OITNB the Sunday morning after it premiered hahahaha

  7. Watching OITNB with my Dad would be really awkward!! I am on the Finale though so I am sad it is over again for another year! :( Kitty is adorable!

  8. Love the face-paw!! Too funny!! And yay, for days spent with dads!

  9. I don't have kids and love the anitmated movies too! I totally recognized midnight! (is that his name?) From 'How to Train a Dragon'.

  10. Lovely post! Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  11. I never need an excuse to watch a kid movie. No shame in my game girl!

    I still haven't seen a single episode of OITNB...oops! I need to get on it!

  12. Your weekend looked so fun!! Love it :) xx.