Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Confess I'm A Brand Cheater

I'm usually very loyal to my brands and where I frequent for my favorites from my coffee to my shoes, but for some reason I've been cheating. So let's start this confession session with Kathy asap....

**I confess that I cheated on Starbucks. Numerous times. Sorry Starbucks, it's not me it's you. I can get a pumpkin coffee for $2 and your PSLs are the price of almost three of those depending on what size you get! Look at me being all "on a budget.' :D I EVEN got their rewards card. Shit just got real.

**I confess I've been cheating on DSW and Nordstrom with because uhhhh no one told me you can get boots for $11??? Of course I know that this was for your first purchase, but STILL. I've paid more at Starbucks (ahem see #1) or one glass of wine. I can't fricken WAIT to get these. What's a better way to celebrate the new season? Get in my closet, get in my closet.

But really...

**I confess, like I posted before, that I've converted from Brooks to New Balance running shoes and I'm never looking back....unless Brooks decides to knock off some $$$. After clocking in many miles on the road, I can say that my feet are very happy.

**I confess that the one brand I didn't end up cheating on was my Galaxy phone. I almost went to the dark side and got an iPhone 6 like the rest of the population, but for photos and battery life, the Galaxy S5 is the better option. I also confess that if you were one of the people waiting in a line that was longer than five city blocks, I'll be side-eyeing you all day long.

**I confess that I've been cheating on my normal running days with more weight lifting days. Because duh. I also confess that this decision was made after JLo and Iggy Azalea's "Booty" video premiered. Eff you JLo, how are you almost 50? Lies all lies.

**I confess that I'm cheating on my favorite clothing boutique...well I should say former. My new fav is one that I now happen to be marketing for. I'm also going to be part of the fashion show for the grand opening in October. This will be me.

**I confess that I'm becoming more and more weary of registering for races. It's very unfortunate that just weeks before the Boulder marathon, it was CANCELED. I can only imagine what those poor runners must feel like right now after not only booking their flights and hotels out there, but training for it! Awful, just awful. This is why I never want to travel far for a race, unless it has a pretty big rep. If I trained that hard for a marathon only to be told that "oh it's canceled." Better run and hide.

**I confess that I Googled "trypophobia" and pretty much jumped out of my skin and feel like I'm scarred for life after seeing those images.

**I confess that days before a concert I listen to nothing but that artist/band so I can sing along properly to during the show. Yep, happening.

Are you a brand cheater? CONFESS!


  1. Hell yeah S5. I *considered* getting an iPhone in April but I just couldn't make that kind of commitment (or deal with that learning curve). My only other apple product is a 2nd generation iTouch, so it wasn't really a big thing for me.

    If Starbucks didn't always taste burnt and cost so much dollas, I'd probably like them more. I'm just glad that I don't pass them on my way to work, otherwise, I'd be wayyyy more tempted.

  2. FUCK THE iPHONE. yeah, i said it. hello, the 6 specs are TWO YEAR OLD SPECS - nexus4 had those specs in 2012. then when i read "magical things you can do with iOS 8", i laughed because um, i can do all those things with my (android) phone since years ago. ok it sounds like i'm a hater but i'm not. i just can't stand that many iPhone users are all WE HAVE THE BEST PHONES AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS BELOW THE IPHONE when in fact, that's 10000% not true for so many reasons that no one who's not in IT or a geek care about. i agree that the iphone is a solid phone but i can't get on board with how tight they are with their shit. if the play store doesn't have an app i want, i can at least side-load it right onto my phone from another source and it works no problem. customization TO MY PREFERENCE is what i want. if i dished out eleventy billion dollars for my phone, i want it to look and behave just the way *I* want. and i'm not talking about changing the theme or wallpaper on your phone - i'm talking about true customization of the software and how that behaves. /endITgeekrant.

    oh and in my city, bitches were lining up THREE DAYS before the launch date. #stupid

    thanks for linking up!

  3. Yep I'm a brand cheater and super proud of it. Honestly if I can find something similar or just as good for a lot less, then yep I am cheating! I make homemade Starbucks and have no shame in awesome thrift store finds! I would totally do that before a concert. I must know all the words!!

  4. I've been skipping out on Starbucks lately too. Girl, if you can buy a new pair of boots for the cost of a (or a few) Starbucks drinks... I know which one I'd choose!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I need to loo into justfab! I'v seen others write about it, but I don't need another shopping addiction :) I also cheat on starbucks all the time, so I like to think we have an open relationship.

  6. I get whatever is the cheapest for the most part out of necessity! Let's face it, knock offs are just so good looking, tasting, feeling, etc. ... why would you not??? I totally do that with music! I don't want to be that loser that can't sing a long lol.

  7. Loving those boots, what a steal!!! And the dying gif, LOL.

  8. I will definitely seriously consider a Samsung next time. The iPhone can be a total pain in my A.

  9. I am a total brand cheater. You know how I feel about New Balances! Haha! I am not running out for the iPhone 6 until I get an upgrade. Who hell those boots are hot! Rock it girl!

  10. Haha I am a brand cheater a lot of the time too! I mean, there is too much awesomeness out there to discover, ya know?!?!

    I have not seen or heard the new Iggy/Jlo song but I love everything that Iggy touches and basically want to be her when I grow up.

    I want a new phone, but am sort of torn. I will probably stay with iPhone. Sadly the last Samsung phone I had was a nightmare and always crashed on me. I am too scared to switch again.

  11. I cheat on brands all the time. I try to stay loyal, but sales always get me. I would love to see Lorde in concert, lucky!!

  12. I just got my first pair of New Balance shoes not too long ago and I love them. I don't use them for working out/running or anything like that... but still... SO COMFY!
    J.Lo's body is fucking incredible!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHH!

  13. I feel like JLo makes every single woman look bad not only because she's got such a hot body but because hello she worls her ass of (well not off,really) to have her amazing body!

  14. I have been thinking of switching from my iPhone to a Droid but maybe I should check out the Galaxy. It's all these commercials with the better talking phones that are getting to me!

  15. welllp looks like I was the only one dumb enough to google trypophobia. *vomits*