Friday, September 19, 2014

Leibster Award!

I'm going to open this Friday post by saying that this gif wins the Internet today.

Now without further ado, I was nominated by Natalie over at Coral Tinted Perceptions for the Liebster Award!!! I was nominated a couple of times before when I was on a mini blogging hiatus and so I'm making up for it now! I'm so very honored! Oh and ummm I'm really late on this...sorry!! Life just happened...

On with the Q&A!

1. Who's your favorite blogger and why?

Oh man this is a tough one...I'd have to say either Kathy over at Vodka and Soda because uh she's fricken hilarious and gives zero fucks and I love that about a person....OR Liz at Fitness Blondie because she continues to be such an amazing inspiration to everyone out there struggling to achieve their goals. Both amazing bloggers!! 

2. What's your favorite post you've ever written? Share the link.

Hmmm I'd have to say the post where I actually had the guts to put my before (shudder) and after photos online for all of the blogosphere to see. That was rough. HOWEVER it really put things into perspective for me to see how far I've really come with my fitness goals and to never look back!

3. Kardashians: Love or Hate?

I must say that I love to hate them, yet love to watch their show because of how ridiculous they are. It's one of my guiltiest pleasures. Laughing all day long.

4. Would you be able to recognize Prince Harry or a fake knockoff on a TV show?

Ummm maybe? Lol. 

5. What's your favorite book and why?

Omg Natalie, this is like asking who your favorite child is!! Hmmm...let the record show that I sat thinking about this question for about a good 10-15 minutes...but I'd have to say The Great Gatsby. I absolutely love the whole story, theme and message behind it.

6. Biggest Pet Peeve?

Hmmm I would have to say people who have a sense of entitlement like they're owed something for doing nothing. Zero time for people like that. NEXT.

7. Who do you think could be your best friend if only you two actually met?

I'd have to say Jennifer Lawrence. 

8. Dream holiday destination?

Definitely France. It's my homeland and I went way back in high school without spending nearly enough time there to visit non-touristy spots. *Daydreams. 

9. You can have dinner with four celebrities, who's invited?

Hmmm well if they have to be living then I'd pick Justin Timberlake so I can convince him that an NSYNC reunion needs to happen, Paul McCartney because DUH , Ryan Seacrest to pick his brain regarding everyone he's interviewed and Chelsea Handler to make me laugh for hours.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I just wanted to create a space to document the crazy happenings of my life and to serve as a creative outlet as well.

11. What's your most played song on your iPod/iPhone?

It's definitely "Hey Jude" by Sir Paul McCartney.

Stay tuned for my blog noms for The Rant Liebster Award!

Apollo is helping me out....and by helping out I mean giving me face attitude for not paying attention to him. He's been so moody ever since he's been on his diet. It happens to the best of us, little guy.

Feel free to write any Apollo captions here. Baha.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I need to kick my boot-ay this weekend with my long distance runs. The weeks are dwindling by until race day! Eep!


  1. i am in love with that gif! i have never read the great gatsby, its on my list though! oh how I would love to go to France, jealous its your homeland ;) have a great weekend!

  2. are you sure he's not moody because of that haircut?! LOL! I would have to agree on your 2 fave bloggers! I love following them as well.

  3. Apollo!!!!!!!!! That face is too cute and exactly how I look staring in to my fridge full of veggies when I want a cupcake! Haha!

    I love your two favorite bloggers! And I could totally be besties with J-law!

  4. Apollo looks so displeased hahaha, he's so cute though. I would looooove to be BFF's with Jennifer Lawrence, she's amazing. Have a great weekend!!

  5. I love to hate the Kardashians too... They are a train wreck that I can't stop watching!!

  6. hahahaha Cat's got face attitude ! I love it. :)

    ~ Lu

  7. Choosing a favorite book is so wrong! Apollo is clearly not amused!

  8. #6. Ugh. Basically, like, everyone in the fucking world these days. Kids are getting worse and worse!