Monday, September 8, 2014

In Loving Memory

Okay I swear this is my last sadsy post. But now I feel like I can grieve properly and be allowed to move forward when I'm ready since the funeral service took place this weekend. Some days I just feel like none of this has happened and I can call my grandmother up after work and stop by her place on my way home. No. Not the case. It'll take some getting used to. The funeral service on Friday was at her church near her apartment and honored my grandmother wonderfully. I lost it a few more times in between.  That morning though, before I got dressed, I needed to go for a run to prep me for what was to come. And what happened? This.

Looks like my grandmother was looking down on me and let me borrow her wings for a while since I smashed my mile PR by almost a full two minutes! I was ready to take on the day ahead. Now with my grieving process, I've had a constant gravitational pull toward shoes. I bought three pairs in the past week including Coach heels. On the upside, my feet are looking bank account is screaming at me to calm the eff down. Then I went into Target...

The past week has been rough, let's just put it that way. I'd like to get off of this emotional roller coaster any day now. My grandmother was laid to rest on Saturday in a small town where she grew up. It wasn't easy for a lot of people to make it down there unfortunately...SIGH...but although it was an 8-hour drive there and back, I never even thought about not going. Her final resting place is under this beautiful tree.

Sunday I went for another long run along the lake and zened out until...FOOTBALL. Now my Bears didn't win....*tear...but let's not talk about that. Let's talk about Josh's friend's homemade chili that was absolutely delicious. I added some fresh jalapenos into it (because yum) and I stuffed my face. It was a much needed afternoon surrounded by good people and food. I would have taken a photo of it but I was a bad blogger and decided to eat it all first.

Reflecting back on the eulogy that was said about my grandmother's life though really made me stop and think about my own and how I would like to be remembered.

How would you like to be remembered? A world traveler? A philanthropist? A bestselling author whose books were translated into a million different languages because your work was so awesome? (raises hand) Lay it on me! I'd love to know. :)


  1. Honestly, I have all these things I want to do but my problem is I start and never finish. I want to be remember by so many things..being a writer, being a bad ass bitch, being a traveler, being a philosopher..but honestly, all I want people to remember is that I was a good person, that I've never wronged anyone and that everything I did, I did with all of my heart. <3 I know she is looking down and she is so proud of you. Keep your head up. I won't tell you time makes it better, but it does make it easier.

  2. damn girl, look at that mile! that is freaking awesome - you should be so proud!
    again so sorry about your grandma. my grandma is still in hospital and suffered a small heart attack over the weekend, so i'm a mess right now! i honestly dont know how i want to be remembered - happy, nice, loving, really. oh and the book thing would be nice ;)

  3. I love that she's resting by a beautiful tree! My dad is by a huge tree and I can't even tell you how many times I've sat underneath that tree and just talked to him. :)

  4. Dang, that is a really fast mile, she was looking over you for sure. What a beautiful resting place to have. I wanted to be remembered for being a good person. How I make others feel, hopefully in a positive way.

  5. That is one really REALLY fast mile! Are you the flash?!

    That tree is absolutely beautiful!

    I cant help but laugh at the Target meme because it is way too true.

    I hope just to be remembered as a good person. Someone who made people laugh and did the best she could.

  6. gorgeous blog :)

  7. Dang!!! Can't believe you killed your PR by 2 minutes!! Your grandma was def. letting you borrow her wings <3

  8. 1. I want that margarita to my face... It looks delish and have always wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse 2. I LOVE those shoes!!! I might have to splurge and get me some new kicks so I have a motivation to get back to the gym. 3. I am sorry again for your loss :( 4. I also just got the sims 4 and have been playing it countless hours!! xoxox- Kelly