Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Confess All the Things!!

I confess that I've accepted the fact that I have and probably will be a sporadic blogger for the next month or so while all of these house arrangements fall into place! So let's get on with these other confessions with Kathy because I'm running late...but what else is new?

* I confess that I've skipped two days of running because of this hideous rain cycle that seems to be blowing through Chicagoland and I've broken every promise to myself that I was going to cut down on carbs to lose 10lbs. Oops. I mean...who can say no to kettle corn? Not me. See below.

* I confess that I pin on my house decorating Pinterest board all the live long day because I'm obsessing over house projects. Give me all of the patterned curtains, chandeliers, fancy home office decor and kitchen ideas. I'll see you a million dollars later.

* I confess that I've been cruising through these romance novels like it's my fricken job. I'm not sure how this transition happened with my reading preference, but I'm hooked. I've taken you guys up on your recommendations with the Crossfire series....yeah I think I got about a max of four hours of sleep last night. So there's that. Also, don't even think about interrupting these reading sessions.

* I confess that while I told myself that I would cut down on running races, but now I just want to run them all. I've signed up for the Care4 Breast Cancer 5k, Panting for Paws 5k, Chocolate Run 15k, Turkey Trot, Chicago Quarter Marathon, Soldier Field 10 Mile, and I'm debating the Chicago Half Marathon in September. What the hell is wrong with me? #Addicted. It could be worse though.

 * I confess that jumpsuits are absolutely not okay on any occasion. I just can't stand by something that looks like a fancy onesie. It's even worse when someone wears it to the workplace. Stop. Also, Beyonce I just can't agree with your new bangs. #dontwakeuplikedis


 * I confess that Tuesday nights are now my fav nights because of The Mindy Project (duh) and this new guilty pleasure show, Selfie. The name is ridiculous and the main character is beyond annoying at times but it's hilarious. Don't judge.

*  I confess that I teared up and cried into my kettle corn when I saw this sign at the craft fair because the hubs and I are FINALLY going to be moving into our first home soon. I wasn't even shark weeking it. I obviously bought it and it will be the very first thing to be hung.

I just can't believe that in just over a month, the hubs and I will be closing on our home and moving in. I'm sure that will give me blog material for months right? I feel like I'll learn how to do so many things like changing air filters, hiring people like general contractors and decorating the patio with adirondack chairs. I don't know if the world is ready for this. BRING IT.


  1. why are you judging my love of jumpsuits? Granted, I don't own one, but still. One day, I will own a fancy onsey and a snuggie. One day.

  2. I have lost so much sleep from reading late into the night. Beyonce, just no. Ew. I totally am digging the show Selfie. Glad I am not the only one.

  3. Hahahaha shark weeking it is my new favorite phrase! I would have teared up too, so sweet!

    I totally agree with you on jumpsuits and Beyoncé's bangs, yikes!

    I am the same way with reading, it's like "I am in the reading zone DO NOT talk to me!"

  4. Home ownership gives enough blog material for a lifetime.

    What the hell is Beyonce thinking with those bangs?

    I hate jumpsuits and rompers.

  5. I need a good romance novel! House stuff is way more fun than blogging - well, depends on what house stuff it is. Your house is new so that's more fun!
    I love that sign! So cute. And the scarf while enjoying kettle corn instead of running. LOL

  6. Yikes! Those bangs! Hell to the no! And I agree, jumpsuits are not my jam my friend. Not at all.

    Mmmmm kettle corn!!!!!!!!!!! I want some! And my goodness, you are signed up for a lot of races!

  7. Beyonce's bangs are terrible!!! Did Ivy Blue take scissors to them?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. That sign is super cute, makes me want to hit up a craft fair soon! Crossfire series was good, what other series have you read (other than 50 shades) haha.

  9. Congrats on your new house!! I also hate jumpers; I pretty sure I have a blog post that says so too :) Love, love The Mindy Project!

  10. What a great list of confessions, and I couldn't pass up on fresh kettle corn, so that is legit! Love the Mindy Project too, haven't seen Selfie yet tho.

  11. I absolutely love The Mindy Project. I always crack up. SO good!

  12. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm definitely following yours too. Can't wait to read more.

    Caite xo